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Very happy to announce we have almost hit out goal of $1000 dollars in donations! RIP AND TEAR with us Nov. 6th for 24 hours, and donate to get a video of me doing horrible things to myself! https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.te


I am doing Extra Life again this year...24 hours of Doom Eternal on NIGHTMARE. VENGEANCE FOR DAISY!!! Please watch and donate if you can. Thank you! https://bit.ly/3mxXXlp


A quick guide to pre-registration in WoW Classic. 1. make sure you have a sub. 2. change your version in Battle.net. Classic will download. Login, pick server, have fun.


Bye bye Dtoid! Leaving my role as a staff writer at the end of the week. Health issues and other stuff...wish you all the best it has been a slice of delicious pie. Take care!


Here is another stupid ass comic I did. Technology is killing us or something https://gumfield.neocities.org/GUMFIELD19.html


Here is episode 17 of my comic strip GUMFIELD. I think everyone here has been in this predicament at least once in their life. https://gumfield.neocities.org/GUMFIELD17.html


It's a Joel heavy front page day today. I apologize in advance for the smell.


Pigs are fucking flying today, and Grimoire has finally been released after more than 20 years in development! Updated my recent article to reflect this. https://www.destructoid.com/a-pc-rpg-22-years-in-the-works-has-missed-release-day-again-452578.phtml


Bubsy was ahead of it's time; it did fall damage before Mario ever did. Check fucking mate Nintendo.


Best thing I did on vacation so far is use Motel wifi to download TxK for Vita. Awesome game.


I'm not NOT playing Bubsy right now, I can say that for sure.


Move, move! Get around him, eyes on the ball, stay low Crandlemire, stay low! Now suck his dick, tickle his balls...good hustle, good effort Crandlemire, alright guys huddle up, now take off your pants - why the stink eye, Hudson? Give me twenty.


TIS-100 is a really cool gem of a game. Seems really intimidating at first until you figure out the basics. And it actually helps to understand low level programming a bit first.


TIS-100 is a really cool gem of a game. Seems really intimidating at first until you figure out the basics. And it actually helps to understand low level programming a bit first.


Working on my stand up comedy routine today. President Trump? More like Breslident Dumb! Hey did you guys see the new Transformers? More like Blands-poor-review-mers haha. I was watching the news the other day. Know what CNN stands for? Cant do good Ne


A friendly reminder: Drangus & Dringus routers are becoming increasingly hard to find due to an influx of Hunguscoin mining.




I am doing Extra Life on the 19th of October. Please help me raise a few bucks. My goal is 100 dollars, with 10 pledged by myself. I'll be playing games for 24 miserable hours and update all night. http://bit.ly/2dNxaQY


Missing you guys. Super busy. Mario Maker is the shit.


Randy Pitchford? More like Randy Pitchfork haha


Dreamt that Andy Dixon sent me a box of his poop in the mail. Then Dtoid invited me on as a guest for their podcast and he just talked about how hilarious it was the whole time.


I don't think you should be able to say #Fuckonami if you are deciding to support their product anyways. I don't often agree with boycotting and am not condoning that, but get your story straight and show a little consistency.


I've changed my mind. I don't hate quickposts, I just wish they could be recategorized outside of the blog section completely, since they are basically a message board. "Andy Dixons Dingle Berries" (poo that gets stuck and dried to his robe) would work.


Hypocrticially using my first and only quick post to say that I am leaving for now. Blogs are not Tweets and undermine the hard work people put into their blogs. Take care everyone I will miss you. Hope to come back if this I ever sorted.


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