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Waifu Wars: My Waifu got the Buns - Tharja / Sallia/ サーリャ


Hello fellow dtoider , today I'm here to utterly convince you that Tharja is the definitive Waifu for Raifu.

 “And I have a bit of a rebellious streak, I'm afraid. A...dark side.” --Tharja telling you about her sex drive

So ,you might ask, why is this woman any better than my Waifus ? Why are you so entranced by her? Why Nintendo removed that image from the western release of Fire Emblem ? Why I want to fap to this image ?

Calm down brothers and sisters , all shall be answered in due time, let's first take a further look on Tharja's background :

                       "If you die before me, you’d better run in the afterlife." -- Tharja telling you about her eternal love

She is a dark mage ( exciting ins't it ?) from Plegia a kingdom that worships the Fell Dragon Grima (dark dragons were very in  1000 B.C) , Tharja hails from a family of shamans and sorcerers , she also claims to have started learning the dark arts since her umbilical cord was cut ( we got a natural here) , she also likes anything you like and shall do her all to please your desires (personality changes are NOT out of question). 

She also got the best thighs in the whole Fire Emblem Awakening Crew.

Now let’s evaluate her features:

-       Booty – Check

“You had better not hold this against me...” - Tharja natural buns blooming in the sun

-       Boobs – Check

“And this is before I even sharpen my nails.” - Tharja using a hex to enhance the mood

-       Stalker capable of throwing hexes that cures you while getting you Horny - Check

"I've devised a hex to make dreams come true. Tell me your desires and hold still..." - Tharja calling you to bed

Overall 10/10 too much Waifu , Many Hex.No other Waifu is gonna hex you like this girl. 

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