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My Collection - Part 2 - Sega Saturn - The Lost Legacy


In my heart the Sega Saturn was a great console, it just faced a oponent SEGA was not prepared for.  That is a shame since it blocked gamers from experiencing great titles that were launched only in Japan.

I enjoy collecting games, statues and action figures and with this blog series I shall share the current state of my collection, system by system , figure by figure, butt by butt. 

Today I show you my Sega Saturn game collection !

Full Collection

There's a lot of cd cases over that carpet

Let's take a closer look of what we are dealing with here ! Since most titles are in Japanese I shall translate them so everyone can enjoy .

Albert Odyssey, After Burner II ,All Japan Pro Wrestling, Black Matrix , Battle Athletes ,Become the coach for the national team RPG , Can Can Bunny, Can Can Bunny 2 and Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo: Hoshimitou Kanashimi no Hukushuuki   or something like  Case Book of Young Kindaichi ~ The Island of Sorrow and the Revenge Demon in free translation.

D , DAYTOOOOOOONNAAAAAAAA USA , Dragon Force , Decathlete , Desire , Deep Fear , Eve Burst Error , Ever The Lost One , Fantasy Zone , Fighting Vipers and Fighters Megamix. 

Tougue (Mountain Passage) King The Spirits 2 , King of Fighters 96 , F-1 Live Information , Professional Baseball Spirits : Greatest Nice 97 , Guardian Heroes , Gulliver Boy  ,Professional Baseball Spirits : Greatest Nice 97 , Gran Chaser , Grandia , Senryaku Shogi ( Strategy Shogi), Shanghai: Triple-Threat and KAKYUUSEI ( Literally something in the line of Undergraduate Student).

J League Pro Soccer Club ,repeat , repeats( oh boy !), Langrisser 3, Lunar Silver Star History , Last Bronx , Langrisser V , Mechawarrior 2 , Magical Knight Rayheart , Magical School Lunar , Revolutionary Girl Utena , Mobile Suit Gundam Gihren's Ambition and it's expansion ( this was before DLC was a thing).

Nights into Dreams ,Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams ,  Neon Genesis Evangelion 1 Impression,  Neon Genesis Evangelion 2 Impression, Neon Genesis Evangelion : Iron Maiden , Ninku ( based on the manga with the same name) , Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen, Panzer Dragoon,  Puyu Puyu Sun , Policenauts , Panzer Dragoon II Zwei  and Azel Panzer Dragoon RPG ( also know has Panzer Dragoon Saga).

Quiz Nanairo Dreams , Toshiden , QUOVADIS, Ringlord 2 , Soul Hackers , Shin Megami Tensei,  Super Real Mahjong P V ( pretty much porn mahjong) , Super Robot Wars , Sakura Wars, Sakura Wars Hanagumi Tsushin , Slayers Royal , Sword  and Sorcery , Shotoku Battle '97, Sega Touring Car , Shinning Wisdow and Super Robot Wars F.


Sega Collection Vol.1 , Shining Force 3 Scenario 1 , Street Fighter Collection , Tengai Makyou Dai-yon no Mokushiroku - The Apocalipse IV , Tatics Ogre , Thor (Legend of the Oasis) , Terra Phantastica ,Toshiden URA , Tokimeki Memorial.


Virtua Fighter 2 , Victory Goal 96,  J League Victory Goal, Victory Goal Worldwide , Virtua Cop , Virtua Cop 2 , Vampire Hunter  (Darkstalkers 2) , Vampire Savior (Darkstalkers), Virtua Fighter Kids , Virtua Fighter Remix , Worms and Welcome to Pia Carrot .

Eternal Fantasia, Zap Snowboarding , 3x3 Eyes, Winning Post 2 and Winning Post 3 

Some games I missed that were in my duplicates pile ( yes I got 25-30 games that are duplicates and that live on a pile around my library) , Blue Seed ,"Kidou Senkan Nadesico: Yappari Ai ga Katsu?"  and Gungriffon.

 And last but not least the LEWD and NSFW back covers on some of these games  ( OP is going to deliver boys and girls).



I'm still missing lots of JP games I need to import but I'm happy with what I got.

That is it for now ! Hope you enjoyed it , up next is the PS1 collection.

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