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Jinx's Most Wanted Games of 2015


Hoffman did a cblog a couple days ago about what upcoming games he was looking forward to. A lot of us responded with our lists as well, but I figured it might be fun to double-check mine and share it in little more detail. So I present to you my most anticipated games of 2015 - now with pix and links (and Links!). Most are multi-platform or PC. Not all of these will make it out in 2015, and some are already available in beta/alpha form. So this is all approximate...


I backed this on Kickstarter. Glorious pixel graphics, and a mix of platforming and shmup. <3

Batman Arkham Knight

Looking forward to this not just for the gameplay, but some incredible visuals like Origins.

Defender's Quest 2

The first game is my favorite tower defense game ever. Want this so bad.


Still mad they never made the QuakeCon preview public. Probably won't be till 2016 but whatevs.

Grand Theft Auto V

I never liked GTA much, I am more a Saints Row or Just Cause guy. But this... so pretty...

A Hat In Time

Still a rough alpha, but this is looking like a true N64-style platformer. Do want.


Look at that, what do I even need to say?

Legend of Iya

Another platformer with pixel graphics that I backed on Kickstarter... just shut up, you.

Killing Floor 2

Because I love gore in games, and KF2 has a whole system for it.

Pillars of Eternity

So pretty...

Road Redemption

More or less a 2014 version of Road Rash. Hell yeah.

Secrets of Grindea

A bit like the old NES/SNES Zeldas, but bigger and more complex. Please be good.


Updates to the beta have been slow, but a big one is coming soon...


So much potential here. The beta is just PvP and I have put a ton of time into just that.

Vector Thrust

Looks like Afterburner, but cell-shaded and more complex. Gimme.

The Witcher 3

Looking amazing.


A 2.5D, Alice-ish platformer. The alpha is already very good.

Zelda U

Yeah, I'm going to have to buy a freaking Wii U. Screw you all >.<

I really want a Fallout 4 or Metroid U announcement, too. Just let us know they exist! What surprised me most about this list is how many were either PC exclusive or "PC first" releases. I guess I'm on the right platform for me.

I feel like 2015 will be a better year for gaming than 2014. With new-gen consoles entering their second or third year, we should finally see some games that were really designed for their hardware. Plus, the fruit of Kickstarter will continue to blossom, giving us a lot of great smaller games to fill the time between big releases. It's going to be a great year :)

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