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Indie Gems by Jinx - Steam Indie Spring Sale Edition

With Steam's Indie Spring Sale going on, I thought I'd highlight some great indie titles I've played that seem to get overlooked. I have included mini-reviews for each, plus media and links to make checking them out quick and easy! I start with some lesser-known titles before covering a few that you may already know. This is limited to games I've personally played, and which are currently part of the sale.

Fly'N on Steam - demo
this hilarious review done by a fan should convince you!"

Okay, that's more than enough for now! Hope this guide leads you to a couple games you enjoy :)

There are several other titles I want to cover some other time, but which are not on sale at the moment. If you are curious, though, definitely take a look at these titles:
Defenders Quest
Blade Kitten
Bunny Must Die!
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