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I Made A Steam Tiles Website!


Last Fall I posted about how I'd been making custom images for Steam's Grid View. Well, after talking with a few people on Steam I decided to go ahead and make my own site for them. I have most of the content uploaded, including some new images for Rocket League, ARK, and The Witcher 3. So here's the site if you'd like to take a look:

Early header attempt...

There are a bunch for Rocket League.

I only started learning WordPress a week ago, and it's not designed for this kind of blog, so it was tricky to devise a decent setup. I still need to make a title banner soon and probably do further tweaking. I think the "Full Game List" needs to be more prominent, or even the main page? I'm also thinking about adding a PayPal "donation" button. Maybe I'll get a few bucks for coffee once in a while, right?

I made a HUGE batch for The Witcher 3 because there is so much great artwork.

This is also a practice run for making my own blog site soon. I will probably put the lighter gaming stuff on Destructoid and keep more serious essays on my own site. So, I still have a lot to learn. Aiming to launch that in about a month. I'll cross-post a lot of stuff here as well since who knows if anyone will actually find my own site when I put it up.

And several for my favorite ARPG ever. EVER.

Anyway, just thought I'd share. If any of you have feedback on this site or the one I'm planning please share! And if you have some games you'd like grid images for this would be a good time to ask lol

Sorry this is such a short blog, I know it's probably more appropriate for the forums. But everyone I know is here soooo...

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