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Sweaty Hands & Gaming - An Actual Solution

One of the most frustrating things I've dealt with as a gamer is sweaty hands. I'm guessing it's a problem for a lot of people, considering companies have gone so far as to make controllers with fans in them to help keep your hands cool and...


Kinect and Xbox One - Problems and Concerns

While Microsoft has done a 180 on its DRM policies for the Xbox One, Kinect remains a pack-in item that is required for the system to run at all. Yet very few games have been announced for it, its non-gaming uses are dubious, and it raises ...


PS4 Saves Consoles For One More Generation?

After Microsoft's wretched handling of the Xbox One, I wasn't surprised to hear that Sony "won E3" today. But I don't think that's the biggest story. Looking at the PS4 as a complete package, what's broadly important is that we finally hav...


Original Memes, Humor, & Closeups by Jinx

Over the last couple years I've ended up making quite a few game memes. Since they are original and most of you haven't seen them I figured it might be fun to share. They are slightly biased toward PC gaming, but... well, there are plenty m...


Indie Gems by Jinx - Steam Indie Spring Sale Edition

With Steam's Indie Spring Sale going on, I thought I'd highlight some great indie titles I've played that seem to get overlooked. I have included mini-reviews for each, plus media and links to make checking them out quick and easy! I start ...


PS4: What Does 8GB of DDR5 Mean For The System?

While most of the system's specs leaked ahead of time, the big surprise at Sony's PS4 event was the inclusion of 8GB of *DDR5 RAM (GDDR5, actually; I abbreviated it for this article). While the quantity was a surprise, the real shock was ...


The PS3's RAM Bottleneck

(This article was originally posted under my old nick, Cryotek, around August 2010. I'm reposting it because it still has relevance and anticipated the PS3's issues with Skyrim in a way. It also leads into an article on the PS4's RAM which ...


The Wii U GamePad Conundrum

From Nintendo’s Wii U page. Apparently the console exists only to prop the GamePad up. Pedrovay wrote a short blog earlier today regarding the Wii U's controller, asking us to stop using it to criticize the system (you might want to read...


Why Next-Gen Development May Be Cheaper

*rework of previous blog I did under the nick ‘cryotek’* A frequent argument against new console hardware is that it would put a huge burden on developers. Many AAA titles already have budgets in the tens of millions, and the common wisd...


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I love gaming, and I have followed the industry and its technology since I was a kid in the 80's. I have gamed primarily on PC since 2000, though I still follow console news and hardware as well.

I worked as a mapper and beta tester for the mod Action Half-Life. I also make custom images for Steam's grid view, those are over on my website.
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