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About Jexralone of us since 9:46 AM on 03.18.2010

My name is Matthew Soddy, and I'm an... wait, wait. That's not right...

Anyway, I am Matthew Soddy. I am a rabid fan of Video Games, fantasy novels (among other genre's - that's just my favorite), a film enthusiast, and an aspiring author. And, I realize, none of that is very interesting to anyone but me. I plan to continue onwards anyway.

My favorite video game is either Ico or Final Fantasy IX. Both have depth beyond anything else I have played through, and are so undeniably brilliant in so many many ways.

My favorite fantasy series is the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan (May the hand of the Creator shelter you, and the last embrace of the Mother welcome you home). My favorite novel is Wuthering Heights, for some reason even I'm unsure of. I'll try to figure that out.

Last game I beat:

Final Fantasy XIII (hugely disappointing - see Jim Sterling's review to know why)

Heavy Rain (Less disappointing than XIII. It had problem's that I was already anticipating, and I rather enjoyed the game play. <shrug>)

Currently Playing:

Kingdom Hearts (Played it before, but Birth By Sleep should be coming out "soon".)

World of Warcraft (Intermittently. It's fun to hang out with my family who play.)


The Last Guardian (This game look's seriously sick. Also, with Fumito Ueda behind it, it has to be great, right?)

Final Fantasy Versus XIII (Nomura hasn't let me down before. Here's hoping that he doesn't this time, either.)

Umm... I can't think of anything else to say about myself. I'm not really that interesting, now that I think about it. :)