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Jet's Character Guides: Menat in SF V

Hello and welcome to my first character guide for the lovely fortune teller Menat from SF V. Menat is a rather complex character so I will try my best to teach you how to play as her. Do you wanna play as the lovely Menat and make her ...


Beginner's guide for Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Many new players/beginners wanna start with Dragon Ball Fighter Z. What are the universal mechanics and what kind of fighting game is DBFZ? What is safe and unsafe to do in DBFZ? How can I punish stuff like zoning or the homing super r...


When your time has come you should go Next-Gen

Coming 1984... I always tell myself that you should never get a console just for one game. Have at least three. I made this list with my Vita (P4: Golden, Gravity Rush, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection) and I think the time has come to choos...


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Well, what should I write? Mhm... I'm an ordinary guy, nothing special really. My favorite games of all times are: Mass Effect 2, Metal Gear Solid 3, Zelda:Wind Waker/Minish Cap, Shadow of the Colossus, Valkyria Chronicles, Persona 3 and 4, Street Fighter Alpha 3/Third Strike and Silent Hill 3.
I'm from Germany and my hobbies are: Drawing, Anime, Manga, Games and Poker. Fighting games are great and I love to play SF, MvC, BB or Tekken. I would like to chat and be a part of this awesome community!