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1 Year at Destructoid

So, err… I’ve been here a year. As of this blog, I have been here exactly one year. How time flies. So, what have I achieved round here? Well, in a single year I have 1 blog on the front page, joined the reservists, joine...


What the Hell Happened to the 'Quest'?

A couple of weeks ago, I bought Fallout 4. I've been loving it. But I have two major criticisms. Firstly, the settlement building is too buggy and restrictive. Secondly, I don’t think I’ve gone on a single proper ‘Qu...


Review: SWTOR: Anarchy in Paradise

I had high hopes for Knights of the Fallen Empire, SWTOR’s episodic expansion. But it is off to a dodgy start. The first 9 chapters were excellent, they moved quickly, giving us good characters and action in equal measure. Chapters 1-9 di...


Questing For Immersion Redux - Part 1

Laying the Groundwork Last year I tried to make Skyrim as immersive as possible using 106 mods, which you can read here if you want. Most of them altered small things like individual textures or altering individual weapons such that, when...


White Whales: The Witcher

Not The Witcher 3, The Witcher 3 is probably my favorite game of all time, if not it’s certainly in the top 3. I’m talking about The Witcher 1, that 2007 game that almost nobody took notice of other than to ridicule the sex cards. Howev...


The Case Against Episodic Games

I don’t like episodic games - games that split their story over multiple sub-games, including trilogies. So many episodic games are well written, brimming with awesomeness and then… they fall flat and leave a sour taste. ...


Egotisms #2 - My Fresher's Week

Welcome to the post-fresher’s week write up, in which I will beguile you with stories of my first week at uni in the hope that you give a damn. If you missed Egotisms #1 – it’s here. Let’s get started. (And I’...


Nostalgia, Minecraft and Art

In the long, long ago – 3 years to be precise – I developed a new hobby. The art of minecraft builds. In the space of a year I placed tens of thousands of blocks by hand, and hundreds of thousands more by WorldEdit. As the need...


Let's Talk About Questing for 2000 Words

The word ‘quest’ has a lot of connotations. In the world of RPGs, it is the idea of some grand adventure to achieve some goal, in which the journey is just as important as the ending, if not more so. There is something intrinsi...


Egotisms #1 - University Prologue

I will get back to proper blogging soon, I promise. I’ve been a bit ill lately, played a tonne of Witcher 3 (which is today’s strangely appropriate picture theme) and there’s so much stuff happening in my life, so that&rs...


On Skills and Trying to Avoid Spoilers

Today I was listening to this video from TotalBiscuit, Jim Sterling and Let’s Player veteran Slowbeef in which they discuss Konami’s doling out pre-launch copies to select Let’s Players so they can publicise the game befo...


Why List Articles are Usually Terrible

You know what it’s like, you go onto a games news website expecting to read about Fallout 4 or what shirt Phil Spencer is wearing under his jacket today - but instead you get a load of pointless list articles in an attempt to seem &l...


Psychology's Enduring Problem With Gaming

So, today I read a study (that I was alerted to via Kotaku) about a meta-study into potential causal links between videogames and aggression. Note that they were looking at aggression, and not violence. That bird flew years ago, but aggres...


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