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Ubisoft Cancels Anno 2205 Pre-Order Bonus

[Note: I've only seen 3 sites report this in spite of it being quite serious on the gaming news-o-meter, so I'm posting it here in the hopes that Destructoid covers it. And if they don't, I will *ominous facial expression*] Never. Pre. Orde...


Some Written Word on Game Design: Morality

There are very few games with morality systems, in spite of the fact that almost everything done in a videogame will have ethical consequences. My running into Riften and slaughtering the inhabitants is most definitely a moral action, kill...


How to Buy a Game in 2015

So far 2015 has been a great year for gaming; so many good games have come out. GTA V came to PC and Valve finally follows the law on digital refunds thus giving gamers a shred of power against bad developers. A lot of great early access g...


June 3301 In Elite: Dangerous

One month ago Elite: Dangerous got an update called Powerplay. It introduced galactic Powers, 10 of them, each holding control of regions of space that lend it Command Capital, the arbitrary unit of influence. CC is brought in by worlds th...


The Pain of Playing Old Games

Recently I tried to play Knights of the Old Republic. My PC said no. I then tried to play Imperium II. My PC said no. I tried to play Battlefront II. The PC said yes, but only if I plug something into the microphone port – and I mean...


On Target: Archery in Chivalry

I was playing Skyrim recently, having modded it to hell (and well beyond what Windows 8.1 will tolerate), and noticed just how lackluster the archery is. Great for stealth, a damp squib for anything else. I went in search of Chivalry ...


What Did You Buy In the Steam Sale?

Alas the Steam Sale is about to end. Gamer’s Christmas will return next year, all things considered I found this year to be disappointing. I only bought one thing – Homeworld Remastered, a write up of which I am currently ...


Band of Bloggers: A Republic Far Far Away

The first open world game was Elite. Released in 1984 it presented a galaxy full of choice, but heavily reliant on imagination, capturing its audience whilst being crude. By 2003, games like Morrowind had advanced the genre significan...


How Cities: Skylines Screwed With My Exam

Damnit Cities: Skylines! You almost cost me a mark. Today I sat a Statistics exam, Statistics 1 for the exam board Edexcel in the UK. I knocked it out of the park, but there was this one little question that bugged me for the time I h...


GTA Online Has An Infestation of Vermin

Not Lamar. GTA Online has a big problem with hackers. A BIG problem. People who know the inner workings of GTA could be good people. Modders, we tend to call them. Others, the hackers, are just out to be a dick and make you suffer. Be...


Relegated: Gaming on Holiday

If only all holidays seemed that interesting. But nope, I'm visiting relatives. And as a teenager, there is very little to do. I am not young enough to find the mere act of going on holiday thrilling in itself, nor am I old enough to ...


The Players That Make Us Seem Terrible

Recently I posted a piece on gibbons amongst men, the idiot players that the rest of us have reason to lambast and simply be embarrassed by. It is time to balance that out with a look at some of the best sorts of player, those that ar...


That Player is Actually A Gibbon

Hello and welcome to a nifty little two-part thingymajig (technical term I assure you) on two classes of player. After a few too many heists gone wrong I was angry, and vented that fustration onto a page. That is where the following a...


Why the PR Man Can Lie

The following blog veers toward passionate personal opinion. The balanced critique I usually try to write is not to be found here. You have been warned. You should still read it though. PR is not an enviable job. You have to stand in ...


On Mods and Money - An Analysis

Sorry for slightly spamming the community space, but there's neurons a-firing and there's a keyboard in front of me. So, as you will inevitably know by now, Skyrim just allowed modders to sell their mods. Some people don't see anythin...


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