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What I Want In 2012: Skyrim In Space!/Not Mass Effect

Ok picture this: The vast dark universe, gigantic spaceships, an intergalactic war causing trouble with everybody, free range exploration and an uncanny amount of customizable aspects to a game just as funny as Saints Row 2 and as big as Skyrim, Oblivion, Morrowind, GTAIV, V, and X put together. I know that sounds like something impossible to create in this console generation, but this is what I want. So what I am asking for is an experienced team of sandbox game developers to announce the creation of the biggest space game ever assembled. It doesn't have to come out this year or next. I will be as patient as a monk for this game. I just want somebody to recognize this post and make the game.

Plot: The main character of the game will be an ancient alien/humanoid cloned from the DNA of the most powerful beings from his chosen race. The reason he was cloned was to end a five century war between numerous factions of the universe. Upon being born, the facility this character was bring raised at is attacked by one of the opposing factions. This will lead to the main character escaping the facility and being thrust into the universe without the proper knowledge or training to end the war. During his journey the protagonist will assemble a team to help create his own faction of the war.

Gameplay: The player will be able to travel the universe freely in a spaceship. He can land that space ship on planets and go into cities on the planet. Think of how you travel through Skyrim. You travel the land then you go into a city then from there you can go into houses and shops. It will be the same for this game just with a space pallet and on a much larger scale.

There will be tons of side quests to complete. Some for fun like random spaceship battles or killing sprees similar to Tank Mayhem in Saints Row 3. FETCH QUESTS! Guilds/gangs like the Dark Brotherhood. Kidnapping missions, bombs to set off. All the wild and crazy things you could want to do in a VIDEO GAME, I want to get the chance to do.

Combat: will consist of guns, melee, and magic. If you wanna play the game like Call of Duty or Battlefield and go guns blazing then you can do that. Pick up a gun and control it like you would a FPS game. If you want to use swords or light saber like objects then you can do that too. If you want to summon lightening from your hands like in Skyrim you can do that too. There is no reason to limit the gameplay.

Online/Multiplayer: There will be a co-op campaign mode. There will be multiplayer modes like Deathmatch. Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill. All weapons will be available for online play. There will be an online marketplace similar to Forza 4 where players can trade designs for either weapons, ships, and etc. Matchmaking and private games will be available.

Customization: You can customize your character to look the way you it want to look. You can customize the uniform. You can customize your followers, your vehicles, your own weapons. There will be different uniforms to wear and tons of guns to collect. COLORS! A Paint Tool similar to Forza. You don't have to be a human. There will be many different races of aliens to choose from. A truly vast amount of customization.

In the end what I really want is a Space RPG like Skyrim and Saints Row 2, with a little bit of Battlefield thrown into it. Just get a team of developers and give them four years to make the most biggest and most polished space sandbox game ever created. Call me up and I'll work out the story. In the end everybody wins. But mostly me because I got the chance to make the game I wanted to and tell the story I wanted to.
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