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About Jackson Starburstone of us since 4:02 PM on 03.21.2010

Hello, My name is Euan. This is a name I hate.

My favourite book is The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

The first game I played first game was Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Ultimate Clubland Megamix or something like that.
The last game I played was High Speed Saxaphone Chase 6: Tribal Biscuit Dance. (In the fuuutuuure)

I like Games
I hate Seafood

I'm currently playing: The typing game, because if I don't a man comes and takes the hinges off my doors.
Also: Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Skies, Animal Crossing, Oblivion, Dragon Quest 9
My favourite games are probably Uncharted 2, TWEWY and Chrono Trigger

I like Princess Mononoke, The Life of Brian
I hate the films I really don't like

Add me on Twitter if you want : ekm29 (then I'll maybe start using it)

This is my bio...... just telling you... incase you thought it was yours.... y'know....... ok i'm done now.