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Our Zelda-Marathon 2016

For the past five years, a bunch of friends and I have sat down and played every The Legend of Zelda game released for Nintendo home consoles in 100 hours, give or take, once in a summer. It started small, with only two dozen viewers t...


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I'm a Finn. That means that I can take the cold, hate small talk and will outlast ya'll in a sauna. I'm also that black guy in Star Wars.

Vidoe gaems are my thing, as well as tabletop rpgs. I also stream sometimes, maybe. Every summer me and a bunch of friends stream 100+ hours of Zelda games in a marathon, because we want to. It's fun. You can find us on YT, FB, Twitter, Twitch, and whatevers. Just google Zeldamarathonfin and you're golden.

k, bai.