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And here is my E3 thing. Forgot to put TLoU part 2, other than that, it's all here.


Between the last two PSN sales I got: TLoURemastered, Odin Sphere HD, Until Dawn, Yakuza 0 and For Honor Gold Edition. Also, my girlfriend got me NieR:Automata as well. I'm good with games until the September/October releases. EDIT: HOW GIFS WORK HERE?


So... since I don't own a Switch, E3 is pretty much over for me. It was okay. A lot of games to keep an eye on. But I was expecting more surprises to blow me away. If it wasn't for those samurai godsent games, I'd be disappointed.


Dead or Alive 6 seems alright and the world could always use more 3D fighters. Consider me interested.


Just one more day and then it's two weeks of from work. Alright! (Kind of)Current status:


2D figthers combos look so much fun and make me wanna pick them up, but the minute I see high level play and characters moving around I lose my interest. Go figure.


Even though Infinity War is the best Avengers movie it still got nothing on both Deadpool's movies (saw DP2 today) and Black Panther. THOSE are the real saviors of a saturated genre.


So I started Westworld yesterday and I'm fucking blown away. Such a good show so far.


So... I've found a good idea for a cblog. It's been too long since I've written one of those, hope it turns out alright.


There's a new patch for Ni No Kuni II. Could this be that so needed difficulty patch?


Thank God for my clean schedule today. This came in 5 days when it was supposed to take 15, couldn't have asked for a better surprise (or timing).


The online connection Gods have smilled upon me. Finally managed to get to the green ranks in Tekken 7, the real struggle begins now. (It wouldn't have taken this long if my internet had helped before)


Can't remember the last time my internet was this bad. Couldn't even finish a full 3 round match yesterday without getting disconnected.


Just watched Ready Player One. Aside from one cringe worthy scene and a few "look at this reference I'm so clever for putting in" it was wonderfully realized. As I've heard around: it's what movies are for, pure entertainment. A solid 8/10.


Just watched Ready Player One. Aside from one cringe worthy scene and a few "look at this reference I'm so clever for putting in" it was wonderfully realized. As I've heard around: it's what movies are for, pure entertainment. A solid 8/10.


My second PS4 controller just came in the mail. Now I just need a wider array of local multiplayer and co-op games.


Happy Ni No Kuni II release day! I hope it's an awesome time to those of you who get it today. Mine's coming next week. And I hope this series become BAMCO's Final Fantasy, it deserves so.


I just thought a game with a Nioh vibe but about Vikings. Now I have a need for it to be real.


Ya know what I really wished? That SFV had some sort of free trial. I wanted to see if it clicked before wasting any money on it.


Since I did all my college stuff yesterday, I'm free for the rest of the week. Which means today games will be played.


Yesterday I had a blast playing about two hours of Titanfall 2, such a fun game. The only problem was that I could've used that time to do some college stuff that's way more crucial than my KDA ratio.


So... I got the newest Digimon game from my girlfriend for my birthday and holy shit that game is deep. It finally is in Pokémon levels of deep competitively. Too bad it doesn't got the love it deserves.


This birthday has been not so awesome as I thought it would be by now. Oh well, the price of expectations I guess.


A PS4 with 500gb is nothing. I have 5 games, only 3 are digital and half of that memory is gone already. Holy shit.


I'm thinking about buying Nioh on this latest PSN sale. Does anybody here still play it frequently?


Gaming update: playing Uncharted fully for the first time has been awesome. Tekken 7 is more fun than ever, especially online.


I'm one of them cool kids now. Finally.


Welp, finished Boku no Hero season 2 today. Binged the final 6 episodes. And holy shit, even with little to no action, what a tense final episode that was! (Late to the party, I know)


With the current flash sale I'm thinking about diving into Jojo's Bizarre Adventure universe, game (and anime included). Any opinions on it? Both the game and the anime.


(Not every) anime is a mistake.


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