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2022 Commissions Pricing List


Hey there! I'm InquisitiveRaven, and I'm an artist. I've been drawing nearly all my life now, and have been offering commissions for years now. I'm getting better all the time, and would love it if you checked out my updated pricing guide!

Commissions Pricing List

For $20:

For $40:
Outlines (either waist-up or full-body)
Waist-up in Color

For $60:
Full-Color and Full-Body

For $80:
Outline-less, Full-Color

For an Added $20 to any Option:
Detailed Background
Additional Characters (ie: if there are 3 characters, I’ll charge $40 more for the extra two)

* If there are complicated elements (ie: detailed armor or clothing, GUNDAMS, etc.), I may factor that in to the final price.

Also feel free to look at more of my work on my tumblr page: https://inquisitiveraven.tumblr.com

If you want to see my work early and support me, check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/JLArtwork

Also I can do more than just illustrations - logos, banners, etc. Feel free to ask me! If you have any questions, you can comment here or contact me on Discord/twitter/etc! I'll leave you with some recent samples of my work:

Until next time!

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