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The VA-11 HALL-A team have another mini-novel/story thing coming out soon-ish. It'll involve Best Boss Dana and an old friend of hers hanging out. Sounds like dumb fun! https://sukeban.moe/index.php/2023/03/31/coming-soon-va-11-hall-a-red-green-blues


Had a lot of fun with the SF6 Open Beta! Some matches were good, others were funny, etc. I had a bit of slowdown so ultimately I'll have to play this on PS4, but my main takeaway is that I think I can call myself "competent" at fighting games.


PS Direct coming in a week. Over an hour long and will focus on PS5/VR games.


The Genshin 3.7 Direct starts in 10 minutes! https://www.twitch.tv/genshinimpactofficial


Since buying Tears of the Kingdom would become Tears of my Wallet, I decided to instead get Dredge on sale. I've seen it streamed here and there, and it looks fun. I also got Gone Home in a free raffle from buying Dredge.


Maybe it's the 1:30am FoMO talking, but after seeing pics of the Big O Moderoid, I need it NOW!! There's a random hobby shop that has it for preorder next month, but I'm not sure how comfortably I can afford it just yet.


I just finished a commission for Occams! I'm going to be shipping it out to him soon. Perfect for #Caturday! BUMP!


Here's my Free Comic Book Day haul! Purchased comic and new pins below.


Today is Free Comic Book Day! Get some free comics, and consider supporting your local comic shops while you're at it.


Watching the anime Insomniacs After School at 5am for the authentic experience. Verdict: 'Tis cute! Would lose sleep over.


Today is starting to be a retread of Friday: First bus passes me by, next bus is late, guaranteeing I won't get to work on time. On top of that the back of my ankle is acting up from a random step I took...great...


"What the Golf?" devs have made a new game: "What the Car?"! Looks like silly fun. Can't wait for it to come to a platform I care about.


The Lupin III fanart book I'm in is up for preorder! Here's a preview of my entry. Link below!


Megaman Battle Network PvP is so interesting! I've never even seen most of these chips before.


New phone GET! It's like 4 or 5 models ahead of my last one. The size is the same, but being able to consistently make phone calls that I can hear without speaker mode or headphones is a big plus. Also it's on that 5G thing I keep hearing about.


Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection has collectively sold over 1 million units globally. WHOA!!


I've been getting lots of pins from Etsy and elsewhere lately! More pins below.


Happy Birthday, Occams! You're one of the kindest, most inspiring people I know.


Another $25 waist-up sketch example - this time, Frieren! BUMP!


Street Fighter 6 is getting a Direct on 4/20 hosted by Lil' Wayne (yes that one). No, really. T-Minus 27 minutes!!


As always, the Japanese Direct had a lot more information. They had an entire story trailer for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. It's in Japanese, but hopefully they'll make an English version. Also I found some low quality demo gameplay from a year ago. Video below!


There's a Nintendo Indie World tomorrow! These often have some nice surprises. New Bomb Rush Cyberfunk trailer, please!


I advertised some $25 colored bust commissions on twitter with Best Girl Ryo, from Bocchi the Rock. BUMP 2!


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