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Spider-Punk says: "Oy mate - catch me @ https://cohost.org/InquisitiveRaven"


SOLD!! https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=TOY-020625


Genshin Direct happened, and I missed most of it! Only caught the tail end of it. I managed to get the Primogem codes, though. They're below!


My favorite It's Always Sunny spinoff is getting a season 3 next year!


Goodsmile Global: "MHX Alter figma releases in a week now instead of July! It'll be $90."| Me with $64: That's early, but at least I have a week to save up for i-| Goodsmile Global, an hour later: "Thanks for your payment!"| Me:


MAN what a rotten day! Lots of customers, big paper cut from poster scraps, needless grief from a coworker, etc. Drowned my sorrows in SF6 Ranked. Cracked some heads. I feel a bit better now.


I got a chance to hit Silver Rank in Street Fighter 6! The furthest I ever got in 5 was Super Bronze.


Happy Father's Day, Pat Bateman!!! And a Happy New Year. Mazel tov!


A sketch commission for a twitter friend of their OCs. Very cute! BUMP!


Getting to grips with fighting E. Honda's moves. I still can't believe a lot of them are safe on block!


The Grasshopper Direct was last night! No Flower, Sun and Rain remake, but they're working on...something. It's anything but direct, which is very Grasshopper. I'm oddly excited for....whatever it is they showed. I think?


Update: The extra ride payments dropped off, and I got my bank to reverse the overdraft fee. When the dust settled, I now have....$5. *Phew!*


Across the SpiderVerse is my favorite anime this year (2nd is Mashle)


Long story short, I got an unexpected charge for a figure I ordered a long time ago. That wouldn't be too big a problem, except I was randomly charged for a Lyft I got this weekend - THREE TIMES! And now my account is in overdraft until the other 2 clear.


T-minus 52 minutes until the Capcom Showcase! The pre-show begins in 22 minutes.


Helping some friends move away in a month. I'll miss them! They won't be going so far away I'll never see them again, but it probably won't be as often. On the other hand, it does make me want to move forward in my life so I can see them. I need a car.


9 hours until the Capcom Showcase 2023! What are you hoping to see? https://www.twitch.tv/capcomusa


Playing World Tour in Street Fighter 6, and I'm addicted to the World Map theme. How ISN'T this the Character Select theme!?


Capcom's having a Direct on Monday, in which they'll definitely show Ace Attorney 7, confirm Sakura for Street Fighter 6, bring back Megaman Legends 3, and announce Viewtiful Joe 3.....right? https://www.capcom-games.com/showcase/en-us/


Apologies in advance if I get annoying advertising my commissions - money is super-tight. Also I need to help my Mom out a bit as she's also struggling with money and such. Thankfully I have some commissions I'm finishing this week to help out in chunks.


I finished my placement matches for Ranked Mode! This is just about where I left off in Street Fighter V, so not bad.


Marvelous will have a Direct in 15 minutes! Will my wife Nami StoryofSeasons make an appearance? Let's find out!


Amazon has some "Used - Like New" copies of Bayo 3 for like $35: https://amzn.to/43mxf4u


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