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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Review

So after weeks of procrastination, I have finally finished writing a review. Anyways, if you guys have any feedback about my writing, it would be much appreciated if you would post it.

And now for the review:

With the spread of phazon once again threatening the galaxy, the galactic federation knows exactly who to turn to for help: bounty hunters. Yes, despite the Federation being, presumably, the largest, most powerful political and military force in the galaxy, not a single soldier is even close to being as good at their job as any known bounty hunter.

And so, to combat the space pirates and the spread of phazon, Samus get sent all over the galaxy to many new planets. The different planets all have unique environments and, for the most part, enemies, and they all have backstories that tell part of the planet's history hidden throughout the world. These can be found with the use of the scanner, along with many details about different enemies, artifacts and other objects in the world, which really adds depth to the world. The main story is good, too, and builds up to a big climax that is a fantastic finish for the game and for the Prime series as a whole.

Progression follows a familiar formula: you explore the newest area, kill enemies and bosses when necessary, get a new upgrade that unlocks a new area, repeat until end game. It's very predictable, but the exploration, puzzles and combat have enough variety to keep it engaging all the way 'til the end. The combat is a bit simple, (there's like four combat related actions in the whole game), but thanks to the combination of lock-on, aiming with the Wii pointer and the speed of your shots, it's a lot deeper than you might think. The lock-on also solves what might have been the biggest problem with the new control method; the turn speed. Sadly, this problem does come up in a pair of boss fights near the end, but for the most part, it's non-existent. Instead, the worst use of motion controls in the game are the door locks. Though some of them are inoffensive, a lot of them require somewhat unintuitive movements that sometimes require you to twist your arm into some uncomfortable positions.

The soundtrack and visuals both contribute to making this a very atmospheric game, but aren't very impressive. There's a handful of great, memorable songs in the game, and the outside of the character models for the humans, the graphics all look good, but neither of them aren't particularly amazing, even for the Wii. That said, they do what they were meant to do and they do it well; all of the major in-game areas but one have a unique feel to them, from infiltrating an enemy base to exploring a ghost town. Only problem is that the final area is so different from any other area in the game that you want to spend more time in it, but the gameplay and story give it both speed up at this point and prevent you from taking your time, and yet it takes too long for something that's supposed to be so urgent.

Something else worth mentioning is the difficulty. There are three difficulty levels: normal, hard and hardest (hardest has to be unlocked by beating the game first); I have played though the game in normal and hardest. Normal is, well, normal; nothing very challenging but you do need some skill to beat it. The only changes is Hardest are that enemies take and deal more damage and enter their more powerful form more often. While it's lazy, it works well save for a triad of late-game boss battles because of the biggest new addition to the gameplay: Hyper Mode, a special state you can enter in which you do much more damage in exchange for part of your HP. In Normal, It's pretty useless outside of bosses because you would have lost less HP by killing enemies the normal way than by using Hyper Mode to kill them. In the harder modes, you have to learn the nuances of Hyper Mode and learn to use it effectively and it's much more satisfying than normal mode. That said, those three bosses I mentioned are really poorly designed for hardest mode and just a huge waste of your time; If you're going to play the game, I recommend sticking to normal or hard mode.

Metroid Prime 3 is a great experience and, despite a few stumbles along the way. As someone who was introduced to the franchise through this game, I highly recommend you play it, whatever your experience with the series may be.[img]
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