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Five Gaming Bullet Points: Horror, the PSP, and the PSN


* I love horror games, though recently I haven�t really played any. The most recent horror game I played was Catherine and that isn�t scary, so much as it�s a fun puzzler in a horror environment. I ordered Silent Hill Origins for the PSP the other day, hopefully that�ll tide me over.

* Speaking of the PSP, I only just got it this week. Welcome to 2005! Or, since it�s a 3000, welcome to 2007 I guess. Anyway, I got three games SNK collection vol. 1, Vampire Chronicle (Darkstalkers Chronicle in the English speaking world?), and the PSP Yakuza game (Kurohyou: Ryu ga Gotoku shinshou). I�m mostly happy with it so far.

* I say mostly because I haven�t been able to use all its features due to the PSN being down still. I have a PS3 but, since most people I know have an Xbox, I rarely use it online, so I haven�t really cared about the lack of PSN. Now, the one time I actually want to use PSN it�s still down. Ah well, I guess I can wait for downloads.

* Speaking of PSN, does any know if I can transfer downloaded games from two separate accounts? I have two accounts (one for the Japanese store and one for the US store) and I'm wondering if I�m going to have trouble transferring stuff I get. Are downloads specifically linked to my account or to my PS3 in its entirety?

* I�m thinking of starting a video series about Japan exclusive games and weird Japan gaming stuff. Living in Tokyo and being fluent in Japanese, I have access to a bunch of stuff that a lot of other people don�t. Any suggestions or requests for things you might want to see reviewed or talked about or explained?
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