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5 Gaming Bullet Points: RPG Weekend

* Recently I�ve been in the mood to play some RPGs. Not just any RPGs though, JRPGs. I haven�t really played any since I last played FFXII on the DS four or so years ago. So this weekend I started playing Last Remnant. It is mediocre I guess. The battle system is needlessly complex and is seemingly random and the story isn�t all that interesting. I guess I�m going to grind my way through though. Hopefully Eternal Sonata, the other JRPG I picked up will be better.

* OK, I lied, I picked up another JRPG. I bought Shin Megami Tensei: NINE for the XBOX for the huge price of 85 yen from a used games web site. However, when I attempted to play it I learned that it�s not supported on the Xbox 360. Ah well, it was so cheap that I don�t really mind.

* I also got Megami Ibunroku: Devil Survivor for the DS. Though, from the reviews I take that it is kind of the Shin Megami Tensei answer to Final Fantasy Tactics. Maybe I�m wrong though. I have yet to start playing. It�s the first DS game I�ve bought since the above mentioned FFXII.

* I also have a copy of Oblivion sitting around that I have yet to get to. That one is going to take some time to get to though. Once Last Remnant is done I�m definitely going to have to play a non-RPG. Maybe I�ll finish up Heavy Rain and play through Catherine again.

* Also, completely unrelated, is anyone excited as me about the upcoming Fallout: NV DLC? Since my first playthrough of New Vegas I�ve wanted to find out more about the Burned Man. That storyline was easily the thing I kept in the back of my mind throughout the game hoping to stumble across him.
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