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5 Gaming Bullet Points: PSP edition

5 Gaming Bullet Points: PSP edition

Sort of branching off a thread I started yesterday, I�m going to go over some reasons why or why not to buy the PSP. I�m kind of on the fence as it�s still an expensive purchase here in Tokyo (much more so than the attractive $129 US price tag).

* I�m going to admit, I�ve never actually touched a PSP. I�ve seen people playing them on the train a lot, tons of my Japanese friends are always talking about how they are playing Monster Hunter (or in some cases their elderly parents are playing Monster Hunter), and I see tons of games around at game shops (fun fact: the PSP section at my local game store is four times the size of the Xbox 360 section) but I have never actually used one.

* Despite the image of the PSP as a �dead system�, in Japan it�s lively as ever. New games come out all the time and increasingly I find ones that I�d like to try. That is probably not so in the US but in Japan the PSP is serious business. Just thinking about it, the PSP has a lot more games I want to play than the DS, which I already own and rarely use.

* With the impending release of the NGP, I�m wondering if I should even bother at this point. Even if there are a bunch of games I want to play, I could always just wait until the NGP comes out and get those games via PSN, albeit for what are almost definitely inflated prices compared to game shops.

* I find myself really wanting that pink PSP set that was marketed specifically to Japanese girls. Although, I think it�s extra expensive because it comes with girly add-ons and is kind of rare. Actually, when I think about it, there are so many PSP variants and special editions in Japan that almost any of them would be OK. Though again, expensive, even used ones are more expensive than a new one in the US.

* I do already have a DS, though it essentially collects dust and I haven�t played any games on it in years at this point. Possibly the PSP will just end up like that in a short amount of time. On the other hand, maybe I should look into picking up a DS title or two just to see how much portable gaming I can handle at this point.
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