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5 Gaming Bullet Points: Inaugural Edition


These are essentially 5 random bullet points on gaming topics. I�m hoping to do this regularly.

* I haven�t really been a Nintendo fan since the SNES though I have owned every Nintendo console up until this point. I�m not particularly excited for most of Nintendo�s 1st party games either. I don�t particularly enjoy Mario games, I haven�t successfully become interested in a Zelda game since the NES days, and although I enjoyed the first 3D Metroid, I haven�t bought any of the sequels. So the 3DS and the (rumored to be) upcoming new Nintendo console haven�t really gained my interest.

* I am considering picking up a PSP though. I don�t really do much portable gaming (I have approximately 2 games for the DS and it�s been collecting dust for who knows how long) but there are a bunch of games I want to check out. For example, the Persona remakes, that PSP Yakuza game, maybe even the new Monster Hunter or some of the terribly old PSP games like the Darkstalkers collection. Living in Japan, there are tons of options.

* Used game prices in Japan are sometimes on the crazy side. You wonder things like why is a used copy of Dead Space nearly the same prices as a used copy of Dead Space 2? However there, as with any bargain bin find, times where you can find good deals. I am constantly pulled in by games that are less than 1000 yen if only for the sense that I could purchase the game with what is essentially pocket change.

* I played through Comic Jumper over the weekend. It was worth the 400 points I paid for it during the big XBLA sale. If anything, the game feels too short. It feels like there should be at least one other comic book to jump into. It�s a fun game with a lot of slightly annoying problems but at 400 points it was definitely worth it.

* I�ve also been slowly going through Catherine as well. I�m playing on normal and trying my damnedest to get through each stage with a gold ranking. I�ve gone through 6 stages so far and I�ve cleared 5 with gold. It�s not impossibly difficult like people have claimed it just takes a good amount of thought and retries (for gold at least). If you aren�t going for gold you�d probably be hard pressed to die more than a couple times before finishing each section of the stage.
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