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5 gaming bullet points: Bargain Bin Edition


I have to admit, I but a ton of games. However, when buying games I am always lulled in by the siren song of the bargain bin. I usually go to a few different game shops when I pick up a new game and always somehow come back with a stack of games. As you�d expect, this is a mixed bag.

* Bargain bin games tend to run in the 1,000 yen or lower category though I guess I�d reach up to about 1,500 yen for that. At that price point, I don�t feel bad about getting games that might be otherwise bad. This is functionally money I might have entirely in pocket change.

* As an example, I set out the other day to pick up the Michael Jackson: The Experience for the Kinect (What? Don�t judge me!) and I came home with six new games. Now, admittedly, the remaining five games cost less than the single new Kinect game (which clocked in at just under 5,000 yen). I came home with the above mentioned MJ game plus Oblivion (780 yen), Eternal Sonata (300 yen), Last Remnant (300 yen), Fracture (540 yen), and Dead Rising 2 (1480 yen).

* Now, some of those games are bound to be mediocre at best (I�m looking at you Fracture and Last Remnant) but then again, combined those two cost less than the amount of change I currently have in my pocket. Even if they are bad, I won�t mind wasting a few hours with them at that price. This kind of thinking has led me to some interesting and fun games that I otherwise wouldn�t have played.

* A good example of this would be Bionic Commando, which I got in a previous cheap game buying binge. While it was almost universally panned as mediocre, I found myself really enjoying it (despite the hackneyed story and goofy plot twist). It was the first game I�ve played in a long time where I felt like it was a really faithful conversion of a 2D game into a 3D game while maintaining the same kind of 2D gameplay sensibility. It was a lot of fun and really harkened me back to playing the original on the NES as a kid.

* The current downside is that I have a huge stack of games I have yet to get around to playing. I probably have about 8 or 9 games I haven�t even touched plus a few more that I�ve played a little bit of but haven�t gotten the full range of play out of. These include some heavy hitters like Heavy Rain, MGS4, No More Heroes 2, and Gears of War 2, but, you know, sometimes you are in the mood for cartoony JRPGs or weird sim games.
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