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Our Slow Decent Into Madness (Part 3 of Only God Knows How Long This Will Take)


Assault on the Prison!

A little bit of housekeeping to bring everyone up to date with the number of trophies I have unlocked. Without further ado:

  • Reclamation Day!
  • First Contact
  • Final Departure
  • Second Helpings
  • Happy C.A.M.P.er
  • We Must Rebuild
  • A Fighting Chance
  • Perked Up
  • Gimme Gimme!
  • Tested Mettle
  • A Real Challenger
  • Pest Control
  • Junker Funk
  • Ain’t He the Cutest? (Aw Shucks Guys!)
  • Wild West Virginian

That’s it so far! We’re trucking right along!

Last adventure we ended up fighting a plethora of radscorpions and barely made it out with our lives. This time we won’t run into of those mutated monstrosities, I swear it!This time around, Prins and I are faffing around Grafton, and suddenly we are beset upon by two Mr. Handy’s who have been christened “Marshals.” They attempt to blast us with their puny weapons and are easily dismantled by our superior firepower.

(suck it robots!)

I don’t know where Limo is at this point, I think he was doing his own things. He mentioned to us that he didn't have the Falsely Accused Quest and wisely did not join us in our attack.

While rooting through the smoldering remnants of those unfortunate Mr. Handy’s we discovered we’ve been accidentally marked as escaped inmates! This will not do! In order to clear our names, we have to visit the warden at the local prison. No big deal, right?

After we drop off our equipment, we head towards the penitentiary only to be ambushed by Super mutants, turrets, and those floaty ballsack thingies.

Predictably this happens:

I am not waylaid by this setback. I respawn and begin my assault again!


Prins unfortunately did not fair any better. We renew our assault and success! We are able to gain entry in to the prion! However, we jump from the proverbial fire in the frying pan and inside await actual ghouls. Where there’s one there’s fifty. I kill a couple inside a room thinking I’m safe cause surely ghouls can’t open doors.


I immediately make a tactical withdrawal outside shouting manly things hoping they don’t follow me outside, but they do, cause I’ve underestimated the tenacity of ghouls.


I finally kill all the ghouls outside and managed to not die. Progress! Taking a small breather to rest and repair…all my things… I head back into the breach only to find myself in the cell block where there are…you guessed it. MORE STUPID GHOULS.


After wasting all my shotgun ammo, I reach the Warden who tells me to activate a bunch of turrets throughout the prison. I say no to that and we leave.

Prins and I meet up with Limo who somehow has found some sort of obstacle challenge that unlocks a trophy for us. Great. While I’m busy organizing my inventory poor prins is set upon my super mutants and more flaming ballsacks and is injured. This time around I was able to save her! Yay, teamwork!


No glitches here!
After reviving Prins we set after Limo trying to complete the obstacle course ourselves

(I'm temporarily distracted by loot during this timed event.)

(Halfway there woooaah-oh!)


(We are the fastest Vault Dwellers in the wasteland)

We did it! We survived! Limo started chatting about how amazing we were and the next phase of the quest when Prins announced she was being mauled by a "snally gaster." To our chagrin we were unable to save her in time and she fell victim to another vicious creature of the Wasteland.

(Poor Prins, we hardly knew ye.)

We swiftly avenged Prins, but look at this monstrosity.


At this point frustrations have reached a breaking point and we decide to call it quits there. Next time around we add a fourth player the mix! Renaud has joined the party! Bless his heart.

P.S. Here's a bonus photo of this totally none broken game!

For those of you joining in, I've been chronicling our exploits in the Wasteland and you can find the first part here and the second here


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