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Young Gus' First Video Games

What’s this? A Cblog from Gus? Yes, I know. An extremely rare cblog from me. Love it. Embrace it. FEEL IT. COME ALONG THE FEELS JOURNEY. The reason for this blog today is talk to you about your first real video game. That one gam...


That Old Game

I've been in a pensive mood lately, so I've decided to utilize this blog thingie to broadcast my thoughts.*  I also propose to you this: What was (were) "The game(s)" you remember growing up playing? I had quite a few of them. So ...



Hello, yes hello. Was your interest piqued by the unassuming little title? Did it evoke friendliness? A little ray sunshine bursting through the dark stormy clouds of your day? Piercing through the darkest night and illuminating the ti...


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