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Holy fuck FFXVI is fucking baller! Oh yeah I guess I made a cohost too.


Super Mario RPG: I sleep Uma Musume party game: REAL SHIT


Summer OP pls nerf. Only two hours working outside and my clothes are completely soaked with sweat. Socks, too!


You ever associate a game with a completely unrelated piece of music? That's me with Monster Hunter and this piece I played in middle school band. French Horns represent!


What's in the box?


Recently finished ARR and just started Heavensward. Those last few cutscenes of ARR made up for the slog that was the 80+ patch quests.


Protip: Do not attack dynamite ganados with your knife. Your knife is totally capable of blowing it up in their hand. Ask me how I know.


Just hit the credits on Wo Long. Overall a great game if you like Nioh mixed with Sekiro. 9/10. That being said I do have one minor complaint that I'll leave in the comments because spoilers.


Man, Lu Bu is so fuckin' cool. I don't even care that he's kicking my ass six ways to Sunday.


Theatrhythm Final Bar Line is so fucking good. Pic unrelated.


Oh boy, I can't wait for that Nintendo Direct!


Just finished Evil West and hot damn is that a fantastic PS3/360 game.


Beat Pokemon Violet. Probably the best Pokémon game yet and holy fuck did it need another year or so of development and voice acting. I give it an out of place Ed Sheeran song/10


Beat NFS Unbound. A very solid racing game but holy shit did I hate the soundtrack.


Oh yeah Elden Ring was a thing for a while.


How the fuck does NFS Unbound not have an AE86? Absolutely trash street racing game. -3/10


Yeah, that tracks.


Current status:


So I fell through the map in God of War and I learned that you never stop accelerating when falling. I am now 5,000 kilometers below the map and falling at a speed of roughly 10,000 m/s or about 22 thousand miles per hour.


Just finished All Quiet on the Western Front(2022). A damn good movie and I highly recommend it.


Man, beating Star Ocean: The Divine Force made me want to replay Star Ocean 3, which is the best Star Ocean.


Just hit the credits in Star Ocean: The Divine Force. Overall it was a pretty good experience despite some performance and UI issues. Waaaaay better than Integrity and Faithlessness. Also, it's kinda nice playing a jrpg that isn't 80-100 hours long.


People complaining about the HZD remaster rumors saying they should remaster Bloodborne instead are forgetting the Playstation IP that ACTUALLY deserves a remake.


Had a random thought in the shower. If these type of animated training films were still being made today there is a non-zero chance of a Vtuber learning how to operate various weapon systems.


I decided to try Hardspace: Shipbreaker. Now I'm over a billion dollars in debt and loving it. 9/10.


Ate some Carolina reaper beef jerky and my lips are partially numb. Feels good man.


I tried the Wo Long demo and can confirm it is 180 AD Chinese Nioh.


Holy FUCK this game is satisfying.


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