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My 25 Most Anticipated Games for the Remainder of 2011

So, I totally intended to write some more blog posts after introducing myselfÖ Iíve been busy. However, there were a few staples of my blog in its previous incarnation that I intend to continue, including a top 10 most anticipated games list at the start of each year and again after E3.

The last couple were not top 10 lists. There were too many games I was interested in. I had to go to 15 and then 20. Now, thanks to Destructoid spotlighting even more quirky, under-the-radar, brilliant looking games for meÖ I can hardly contain them in a list of 25. And this actually annoys me. Seriously. I want to finish all the games I have on the go so I can finally go back and finish Majoraís Mask.

Itís never going to happenÖ

#25: Saints Row: The Third (November 15 Ė PS3)
I havenít played the previous games in the Saints Row franchise, but Iíve heard a lot of good things about 2. Itís Grand Theft Auto but a whole lot stupider and with more to do which is great and Yahtzee Croshaw of Zero Punctuation fame called it his game of the year. In the demo I saw of 3, the dude hit old ladies with a dildo, struck random poses, and then got in a car that sucks up pedestrians and shoots them out a canon. It doesnít look brilliant but it looks like a hell of a lot of stupid fun.

#24: Silent Hill HD Collection (Fall Ė PS3)
Iím not a fan of horror games, but Iíve heard so many amazing things about Silent Hill 2 that Iíve decided I have to play it. And I donít think itís very easy to find a PS2 copy at my local EB games any more. Which is why I got excited when I heard of a HD re-release. However, I am rather sceptical after hearing that theyíre changing the voice actors and stuff because I want to experience the game in the way thatís made it a classic in the first place. If Iím told itís the definitive version though, Iíll gladly buy it.

#23: Catherine (July 26 Ė PS3)
Catherine is a game I hadnít heard of until I came to Destructoid and found that a lot of people were really, really excited for it. Theyíre mostly excited I guess because itís from the people who made the Persona games (another series I havenít played but intend to try if 3 or 4 come to the 3DS or something), but also because it looks insane. I have reservations about buying a game with scantily clad anime ladies on the cover, but talking nightmare-sheep are an easy sell for me, so overall Iím not totally sure. The game could go either way for me personally at this point but itís certainly piqued my interest.

#22: Mario Kart 3DS (Holiday Ė 3DS)
Itís Mario Kart. The original DS version was my favourite Mario Kart game. This looks like that. The flying and underwater stuff looks cool too. Iíll probably play it. Iíll probably like it. Itís not super-exciting but it also canít really go wrong.

#21: Retro City Rampage (2011 Ė WiiWare)
This looks like those old top-down Grand Theft Auto games but way better. There also appears to be a lot of throwbacks to other retro games and a great sense of humour. It looks like it could be a lot of fun. Also thereís a Destructoid level and Jonathan Holmes is in it. Which is amazing.

#20: Ni No Kuni (2011?! Ė PS3)
I havenít seen much on this game in a while. Iím also sceptical itís even coming out this year. It hasnít even been announced outside of Japan. Iím also not sure Iím interested in playing another JRPG. But itís Studio Ghibli! That theyíre making a video game is ridiculously exciting in itself and the game looks gorgeous. Itís also the Professor Layton guys co-developing, andÖ andÖ well Iím sure Iíll end up buying this when and if it comes out no matter what so it deserves a spot on this list.

#19: No More Heroes: Heroesí Paradise (August 16 Ė PS3)
No More Heroes is one of my favourite games and now itís being ported to PS3 with a new high definition art style and some cool bonus features. It will be my great pleasure to buy this game again.

#18: Kid Icarus: Uprising (Holiday Ė 3DS)
Iím not entirely sure what this game is going to be. I fear itíll be like God of War, which I donít like, but I could easily be completely wrong about that. Kid Icarus was my most anticipated 3DS game when I thought it was going to be a launch title because it looked unique and it looked like it was going to be Nintendoís showpiece for the system. It still does. I still donít know exactly what it is, but itís actually pretty exciting not knowing what a new Nintendo gameís gonna be.

#17: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (August Ė XBLA)
This game looks insanely gorgeous and atmospheric and also like quite a lot of fun in the same vein as the Pixeljunk Shooter games. It looks fantastic.

#16: Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax (June 29 Ė XBLA)
Half-Minute Hero is possibly the PSP game I want the most. Iím not entirely sure why. I donít know that much about it. Itís published by XSEED which is always awesome. And itís unique and fun, and very funny, poking fun at different game genres and stuff. So Iíve heard. It got amazing reviews but flew under the radar for most people, and it just sounds so fantastic. If I had a PSP Iíd have been all over it. But now I donít need a PSP because itís coming to XBLA. So, thatís awesome.

#15: Codename D (2011 Ė XBLA)
Iíll buy a Kinect for this game. So help me I will! All we know about this game is from a trailer in which a whole bunch of people wearing huge animal masks walk out and this guy throws a flaming baseball at them and they all explode. Itís a Suda51 game. Thatís all I need to know.

#14: Kirby Wii (Fall Ė Wii)
Besides Skyward Sword, there are very few upcoming Wii games Iím interested in or can even think of really. One first-party game that Nintendo doesnít seem to be pushing very hard at all but was at E3 and looks great nonetheless is the new Kirby game. From what Iíve seen Iíd say it looks at least as good as New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and possibly more fun than Epic Yarn. It looks like another top-notch Nintendo platformer and what could be the last such one we get on the Wii.

#13: Cave Story 3D (August 9 Ė 3DS)
Iíve heard such good things about Cave Story that Iíve decided I have to get it. But there are so many versions that I didnít know which to get. Iíd rather play it on a portable system so I held off on the WiiWare version, and then when the 3DS eShop came out I found out about the DsiWare version, which I thought might be better than the 3DS version because it had the original sprites and was probably cheaper (but then why not get it for free on PC), but then I decided to hold off on that until I found out more about the 3DS version. And anywho, now that I have, Iíve settled on the 3DS version. I look forward to it.

#12: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 3D (Winter Ė 3DS)
MGS3 is considered one of the best PS2 games and perhaps the best MGS game, and I look forward to playing it for the first time on 3DS. I really liked (though wasnít a gigantic fan of) MGSIV, and I think I could like this one even more.

#11: Beyond Good & Evil HD (June?! Ė PSN)
This came out months ago on XBLA and it was supposed to come out at the same time on PSN but then the PSN version was delayed and then it was supposed to come out on June 8th and that date has come and gone and I donít know where it is and I could just get in on XBLA but Iíd rather have it on PSN and, andÖ But yea, it should be here soon, I guess. Itís a critically acclaimed, commercially unsuccessful type of game thatís developed a following and also itís supposed to be like Zelda kinda so I must play it.

#10: Uncharted 3: Drakeís Deception (November 1 Ė PS3)
The Uncharted games arenít very deep and I donít care about most of the story or characters the way a lot of people do but the games are nonetheless incredibly polished and gorgeous to look at and really a lot of mindless fun. I even really liked the multiplayer in the last game. So thereís enough reason for me to look forward to the third instalment there, but funnily enough, what excites me most about Uncharted 3 is the story. See, this one apparently draws from the writings of T.E. Lawrence, the subject of one of my very favourite movies, which also means itís set in the desert, and with ďmore SullyĒ, I think it could be really interesting.

#9: Luigiís Mansion 2 (2011 Ė 3DS)
Luigiís Mansion is an odd game from Nintendo that Iíve always been really curious about. Itís a unique game for Nintendo and one that gives Luigi his own starring role. To me, it looks like all the charm and polish of a Mario game brought to a completely new kind of game and Iím really excited to try it out in what looks to be a much improved sequel on the 3DS. It looks great.

#8: The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time (June 19 Ė 3DS)
Ocarina of Time and Majoraís Mask are among my favourite games of all time even though Iíve never finished them. Now that Ocarina of Time is coming to the 3DS and it looks amazing, this is for me a great excuse to not only finally finish it (hopefully), but to re-experience it entirely for the first time in a decade. The memories and sense of nostalgia these games are capable of evoking in me is beyond comparison. I just hope I donít still need a walkthroughÖ

#7: Ico & Shadow of The Colossus HD Collection (September 27 Ė PS3)
Shadow of the Colossus is an amazing game, and Iím sure it will look amazing in this collection, but the real reason I want this game is undoubtedly to play Ico. Ico, unlike SotC, is almost impossible to get a hold of these days, and after playing SotC, I want so badly to play Ico. This is kind of the answer to my prayers.

#6: Super Mario (Holiday Ė 3DS)
Itís the big Mario game for 3DS. Hell, itís the first big 3D Mario game on any portable system. Better yet, the return of the tanooki suit and little Mario and a lot of other stuff not seen since to 2D Mario games looks really cool. And, uhÖ itís Mario. Mario games are always amazing.

#5: Journey (2011 Ė PSN)
That Iím putting this game so high on my list is surprising even to me, right now. Thereís so little I know about this game. It looks incredibly intriguing. But while thatgamecompanyís previous games, flow and flower are beautiful and interesting, I didnít think they were brilliant. Maybe it was Hamzaís preview of Journey in which he said it gave him the same feeling he got when he played a videogame for the first time Ė I didnít even read past the first couple paragraphs. Thatís all I need to hear. This is my most anticipated downloadable game.

#4: Fez (2011 Ė XBLA)
ErrÖ 2nd most anticipated downloadable game. Fez just looks way too amazing. Seriously! Thank Christ for Destructoid and Jonathon Holmes because otherwise Iím pretty sure I would never have heard of this game. Seriously! OMG! Have you seen it? Doesnít it look incredible?! Like, holy shit! Right?!

#3: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Holiday 2011 Ė Wii)
The Zelda series is absolutely my favourite game series, and this is the first proper console instalment since 2006. That said, like many people, I havenít had much to go on in getting excited about it besides that last statement. This years E3 demos got me excited. No it wasnít the motion controls, though I think they could be bloody cool. It wasnít the bird-flying mini-game or whatever. It was, like, the characters in the background. The setting... What are these places? Who (and what) are these characters? I caught a very tiny glimpse of a world to explore, rife with imagination and possibilities. This is what I love about the Zelda games. This is why Iím excited for Skyward Sword.

#2: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (November 11 Ė PS3)
Fallout 3 is my favourite game of this console generation. Never before have I thought that a game world felt so alive and real. And never before have I felt so much like I embodied the main character. The world Bethesda created and the quality and variety of genuinely interesting quests, locations, and characters is amazing. Playing Oblivion afterwards felt like a huge step backwards. Playing New Vegas felt like a smaller step back. Skyrim looks like a huge step forward. This game looks so packed full of amazing shit that itís unbelievable. I have no fucking clue where Iím going to find the 100+ hours Iíll surely need to devote to it with all the other games on this list, but Iím gonna have to, obviously.

#1: Shadows of the Damned (June 21 Ė PS3)
I was a bit let down by No More Heroes 2 last year after calling it my most anticipated game of the year, but I donít care! Suda51 is my hero and goddamnit his new game looks incredible! Have you seen the GDC trailer?! Itís ridiculous! Now whenever I see more from the game Iím like OMG THAT WAS AMAZING DONíT SHOW ME ANY MORE PLEASE. Did you see that gun called the ďBig BonerĒ? Like, WTF? AMAZING. I canít wait. Itís a brand new Suda IP with all the insane creativity that brings. AND ITíS ONLY FOUR DAYS AWAY. FOUR DAYS!!!!!!*

*Chad Concelmo-inspired enthusiasm
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