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PS3 has low (hardware) percentage of fail!


Many of you have been afflicted with the sadface of the so-called "Red Lights of Death" on the Xbox 360. And by many, I mean 30%-50%. While 360 developers work on smash hits such as Bioshock and Mass Effect, Sony execs are making sure that there system doesn't sink into the abyss.

According to Chris Deering, SCE Europe founder, at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival, the failure rate of the PS3 is below 1%. In reality, he believes it to be closer to 0.2%. While the 30%-50% figure for the Xbox 360 may seem a bit ridiculous, the other side of the field doesn't seem too worried having already taken care of the problem (or lack thereof).

Come on Microsoft, I'm really pulling for you. My 360 hasn't gone down the long, dark, red road of light just yet, there's still some hope. After Sony's big fiasco with DREs on the PS2, I guess they deserve a little break. Let's just hope Microsoft gets called in for work this weekend. No cubicle games for you Microsoft!

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