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PETA loves Nintendo!


Wow. The title screen of Peta's Super Chick Sisters alone is enough to send an email over to Nintendo HQ. I'm a nice guy though, so I decided to give PETA's foray into the video game world a chance. The general story of the game is simple, Pamela Anderson has been kidnapped by Kentucky Fried Cruelty's Colonel. It is your job as a self respecting hormonal Chicken to save Pamela Anderson from the evil grasp of the Colonel. The first cutscene was easy to follow, until I saw this.

Yeah. Apparently, Mario and Luigi fit in somewhere in this storyline. They also have Wiitis, presumably from playing with their Wiis too much. Well, I started the actual game and it seemed roughly similar to SMB. Chicks are like coins and boxes are...mushrooms. Small colonel heads with robotic arms are...goombas. Okay. I was doing pretty well until I ran into an activist.

How convenient. I knew this game wasn't for fun. It's like LeapPad! The activist only managed to slow me down however as I had soon arrived at the KFC, prefaced by...

...Now that is just wonderful. Where is Jack Thompson now? Someone forward this picture to him right now. A bucket of dripping blood. In a video game! *soccer mom gasp* The only thing that manages to bother me more in this picture are the two activists standing right near it. Entering the KFC didn't prove very difficult, the menu seems a bit unorthodox however.

I would actually LOVE a cruelty value meal. I mean, it IS only $4 after all, that's a steal! A cutscene soon followed and we were once again returned to...Mario. Luigi and he just finished going to the doctor's office (Dr. Mario -.-) and they walked outside when...

...I don't have much to say about PETT. They seem much more peaceful than PETA. No buckets of blood, no screaming, just some pictures and people. Like an orgy of informational speaking. Without the information. Mario just seems skeptical at the idea of turtle cruelty. I can't stand much more of this game, so I'll end this article on a line that looks like I finished the game.

So my friends, you can email Nintendo if you want. Instead of that, you too can try to save Pamela Anderson from an old man with a facial oil problem yourself by going to here.
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