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Lack of MGS4 Exclusivity: More Evidence!

There has been a bit of a controversy over the past few days concerning whether or not Metal Gear Solid 4 will remain exclusive to the Sony PS3. Hideo Kojima currently runs his own podcast, Kojima Productions Report, which is generously translated into english by a Mr. Robert Payton. On this podcast, speaking about an article recently published on Joystiq, Payton says the following, "I thought I’d set the record straight here. When I read the Joystiq article it says if Metal Gear Solid 4 remains a PS3 exclusive, as Konami insists it will, Sony can expect to sell plenty more consoles before March 31st. Please listen to the podcast, I don’t think I’ve insisted MGS4 is exclusive to the Playstation 3." It may not be a confirmation, but it's one more piece to add onto the stack of evidence. Of course, I expect MGS4 to come to the Xbox 360, a flagship title cannot be released when only two million consoles are out in the market. Still however, we're left in the dark, as always. Podcast is available here.
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