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First Guitar Hero III videos! [Update: new songs!]


Last week, the tracks for Guitar Hero III were announced. We've finally been given the opportunity to view some of the magnificence this game projects in movie picture format! Yes, ladies and Ventrilo trolls alike, the first Guitar Hero III videos have been released! There's only two of them, but it's a taste of Guitar Hero's sweet, sweet sensual cream.

My Name is Jonas video
Slow Ride video

[UPDATE: IGN has released two more songs!
Here's the complete song list now:

" Paint It Black: The Rolling Stones
Cherub Rock: Smashing Pumpkins
Sabotage: Beastie Boys
The Metal: Tenacious D
My Name is Jonas: Weezer
Knights of Cydonia : Muse
Rock And Roll All Nite: Kiss
School's Out: Alice Cooper
Slow Ride: Fog Hat
Cult of Personality: Living Colour
Barracuda: Heart

[via IGN]
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