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Elite Beat Agents: Ripped off like a dumb foreigner


So I was watching TV late last night and I stumbled across the Disney channel. (I know. Sorry.) Well, they happened to be "covering" E3, so I let my finger hover over the "Channel Up" button a little longer than normal. They happened to be profiling a new Nintendo DS game, High School Musical DS: Making the Cut! I was...intrigued at the prospect, so I continued to watch. As the programming burrowed its' way deeper and deeper into my subconscious, I felt something familiar in the gameplay.

The game had sparked my interest so I delved further to discover if my suspicions were true.I went to my favorite DS rom distributor, DS Rom news. I downloaded it onto my R4 and began the game. After creating my character, I discovered, to my dismay, that High School Musical DS: Making the Cut was a really shitty rip-off of one of my favorite games, Elite Beat Agents. I was devastated discovering that my suspicions, much like black and hispanic jokes, were based on truth!

Oh Disney channel, how could you?! I understand that you are trying to profit off of what you have begun to call the "Grease" of the current tween generation, but come on! At least come up with a game idea of your own, maybe if you utilize a little creativity your game won't suck as much as it would if you stole the idea like you did with your latest Nintendo DS game.

There is one difference between the two games though, in High School Musical, you can record a music video. Yey MTV. If you wish to compare the games yourself, you can get the rom at DS Rom News or you could just see the snippets of gameplay in the youtube video below.

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