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I don't give a damn what the internet says: when I booted Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and heard Professor Rowan's theme kick in for the first time, I felt like a teenager again. And I was so happy.


It's taken a lot longer than I expected, but I'm back with another Games That Time Forgot, this time talking about a game that has to do with Pokemon developer Game Freak. Link in the comments. Early morning bump!


So while setting up Pokemon Bank on my 3DS (to finally transfer my mons from my copy of Pokemon Sun), I booted up Smash 4 3DS. To say that it was rough is an understatement because hoo boy.


Jesus Christ. At this point Kotick needs to step down and be formally charged.


Finally beat Metroid Dread. Didn't get 100 percent completion, or even beat it at a fast time, but I can say easily it's my new favorite Metroid game, and by extension one of my favorite games of all time. Sorry Prime 1, you'll have to settle with silver.


So TWEWY: Final Remix is free for NSO members. That's pretty cool.


Went grocery shopping at Target. Found this as well. Things went better than expected.


I'm posting something spooky for Halloween, but it's going to be in the comments because it might be too dark and gruesome for some of you. You've all been warned.


Yep, Aria of Sorrow is still one of my favorite games of all time.


So the Advance War remakes got delayed to Spring of next year. Kind of sad, but I get it. And I've waited this long already for a new Advance Wars game.


While I'm glad he's in Smash, I'm not a fan of Sora's playstyle. He's too floaty for me, and I say this as someone who plays Rosalina & Luma.


Me watching EA and FIFA getting into a big slap fight that will ultimately result in EA losing the FIFA license.


I think my biggest hang-up with Nintendo's pricing is the fact that there really isn't anything being offered that would make me dip right now.


I think one of my favorite things about Dread is watching Playstation "fans" lose their shit over how much people love it.


Though I haven't beaten it yet, I can say right now that Metroid Dread is my favorite game of 2021.


Not sure if anyone cares or not, but due to some real life getting stressful and other reasons, I'm holding off on doing my Games That Time Forgot on Circle of the Moon. Sorry if anyone was looking forward to that one.


I think it's great that Sora is in Smash (even though I don't like KH), but I do think people should keep their expectations in check when it comes to characters like Sora coming to Smash.


Let's see what everyone can come up with.


With Metroid Dread coming out next week, here's a handy chart on whether or not you should buy it.


Me when Switch Pro rumors resurface:


Disqus seems to have shit the bed again. You know what that means!


My face when as part of the new Mario movie, Illumination is going to push the Goombas to be the next Minions.


Wasn't able to see the Direct due to work, but Kirby and Bayo 3 make me ugly cry, Castlevania and ActRiser look sick, and not having Charles Martinet voice Mario killed any hype I had for the Mario movie. Also I wanted Dread yesterday.


*Rips up Games That Time Forgot on Circle of the Moon*


Hey guys, looking for something to do on a Thursday? My newest edition of Games That Time Forgot is now live, and today we're covering a game that stars the mascot of the company that owns most of your childhood! Link in the comments. One more bump!


So it would appear that Activision Blizzard, deciding to go for broke on being asshats, reportedly violated federal labor laws as well. https://www.engadget.com/activision-blizzard-nlrb-labor-complaint-194037754.html


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