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Goldeneye on the NSO is the first game I've played on the service where I said "Damn, I really need an N64 controller for this".


I haven't gotten all the way through Fire Emblem Engage, but based on what I have played I love it and would definitely consider it a GOTY contender.


.....What the hell was I looking at for Google's algorithm to show me this ad on YouTube?


I'm back with another Games That Time Forgot, this time focused on a Fire Emblem game. Link in the comments, as always. Late morning/early afternoon bump!


For anyone playing Persona 4 for the first time, just remember that Rise is the best girl, and anyone who says otherwise....well. They're wrong anyway!


Happy birthday, Panda! I hope you have as much fun today as these pandas did on this slide.


Current status as I work on a new Games That Time Forgot talking about a Fire Emblem game:


Y'all have no idea how excited this makes me.


I just finished listening to Star Wars: Darth Plagueis (fantastic story by the way), and while looking for some video game history books, Audible is recommending books about being Sigma and Alpha males.


Every time I want to get a Steam Deck, I look at my library that does support and think "meh, maybe not."


Big Chungus. That's it. That's the QPost.


SomecallmeJohnny's review of Bayonetta 3 expresses my thoughts on the game perfectly. Spoilers if you hadn't played the game though.


......I just got a used copy of the North American Final Fantasy 3 for $60. I don't know how I keep getting this lucky.


#MemeMas has come and gone, but I figured it would be fun to share some of the memes that I wanted to include but couldn't for various reasons.


I just watched a a murder documentary called the Tetris Murders, and I am just.....in awe of how stupid the whole thing is.


Taking a break from studying to say thanks to my Secret Santa! Hopefully Chrom didn't cost you too much.


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