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Four in February 2017 Results

Every year I take part in Four in February. It's a month-long event meant to help people focus on, and hopefully finish, a tiny chunk of their backlog by choosing at least four games and getting through as many of them as possible by t...


Gmana's Switch Pre-Order Raffle(!)

[Raffle is already half over! Ends Saturday night. There are only 4 entries so far, so anyone entering still has a pretty good chance of winning!] I have an extra Neon Switch pre-order on Amazon, and instead of cancelling it to the voi...


GmanAnswers/Intro Part II

  I thought we were doing CBlogs to collectively answer everything in our AMA posts. It takes me forever to type out a single reply anyway, so this will probably be a lot faster. Sorry for the inconvenience. I figured an AMA woul...


This Is Supposed To Be An Intro Blog

Hi (again). I'm not usually very good at talking about myself, but I will do my best!   As of this post I am 28 and living in Not-Philly and Not-Pittsburgh, PA. I am the IT department for my company. Now everybody will be able to ...


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