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In that game, that game that you know, back to the tutorial, I dare not go, for if I do, a help message will say:


To avoid arguments at the dinner table, never bring up: money, politics, religion, or game review scores.


Loved ZOE: 2nd Runner back in the day and I got the HD collection years ago. Finally played through it and holy donkey balls was ZOE2 harder in this version! Normal difficulty, 32 deaths total. Took 5 tries to beat Vic Viper. Vic... f'ing... Viper.


Someone hacked the Sega Genesis Street Fighter II: SCE ROM with updated colors and tiles. Holy hell does it look better. Combine with the PCM sound hack from a couple years back and you have the game that they should have released over 20 years ago.


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I'm kinda old. My first gaming memory is standing in Best, looking at their selection of Atari 2600 games. Since that time, I've gamed on consoles and computers from well known to obscure. I enjoy most genres, and game on multiple platforms.