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Unpopular Pokemon (And Why I Love Them!)

With a bestiary of  719 (and counting) different species, the Pokémon world is full of wonderful and amazing creatures.  Many of these monsters find popularity for their sheer power, awesome looks, competitive use, or ...


Re: Hardware Hardship

A few weeks ago, I posted a response to a fellow gamer's blog onSpine Onlineon the perception of female gamers today. While I understand what she was trying to say, I argued that her post was amyopicviewpoint on an ultimatelydatediss...


Re: Battle of the Sexes

Note: The comment section for the blog I was responding to was deleted. Instead of allowing hours of writing go to waste, I figured I'd share it here. Saving on Word pays off! In response to Wren Guilmain's blog "Battle of the Sexes" on ...


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