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I started a series looking back at some cool video game magazine cover stories and articles. This one is about Return of the King and an article that had devs like Peter Molyneux and Warren Spector creating a hypothetical game together


I made a video version of my Nintendo Switch blog, for those cool cats out there that like the talkie pictures


I made a video version of my Yakuza 0 review that i posted on thatvideogameblog.com


I've been hard at work playing this poorly made Shrek/Super Mario Bros mash up


RiME is making it's glorious comeback and I am super pumped for it. After I watched the trailer it shot up my most anticipated list for 2017 http://www.thatvideogameblog.com/2017/01/04/rime-confirmed-multi-platform-release/


Are you ready to get down with the sniping dankness?


This is probably my favorite video I've made so far. We played the super fun game Overcooked. If you can get a few friends together to play I would highly recommend it.


Are we talkin' 'bout books? Because I consider this a must read.


I'm working on more writing, It's been tapering off due to family obligations with my brother and his fiance having their first kid, But we got in another video and I'm pretty happy with it. We're having a lot of fun in this groove we're finding.


Pokemon Go is the exact game that I always thought it would be. The one thing that caught me by surprise is the amount of made up stories i'm seeing people share. Almost like they wrote them before the game launched and waited for their time to get likes.


I made a new video and discovered how uncomfortable it is to be covered in fake blood


After hours of writing and recording during a thunderstorm, I finally have a new review video for DOOM. If you can check out any video today, please watch at least the intro of this one, because I am super proud of it. Also the very end was pretty fun too


Watch Dogs 2 is on it's way, so We take a look back at te original Watch Dogs. Just in the short time we played we ran into a fair number of glitches/odd mechanics


I just have to beat The UAC on Ultra-Nightmare to get the DOOM platinum trophy, but Ultra-nightmare keeps kicking my ass.


I made a video playing through the first level of DOOM. This was my first time playing the game so there's a bit of a learning curve we go through, but it is currently sitting at the top my GOTY list


Still catching up on E3 presentations and just finished the Sony presser. They gave me exactly what I was looking for; a bunch of games. I appreciate MS and the time they gave to the console space, but I gotta see some games


I know E3 is goin' on and all, but I'm just now playing and really diggin' DOOM right now. It's just crazy good.


I posted my first scripted video. A short review of Unravel. First thought, I need a better camera. Second thought, the process to get this 5 minute video done was much longer than anticipated


The more I see about Watch Dogs 2, the more excited I get for it. I didn't get on the hype train for the first one, but I'm getting there for this one.


I'm having problems getting photos to post in long blogs. I go through the normal process and I just get empty boxes.


Hey, I was finally able to get around to editing the first video I made and it's somewhat fitting considering the Space Jam sequel that may or may not have been confirmed.


I upgraded to a new video editor and there's so much more I can do and so much more I have to learn. I just spent 2 hours editing a 7 minute video


Do you enjoy videos of giggling idiots playing old, broken racing games? Then by golly have I got the video for you.


Have you ever written pages worth of stuff and then deleted all of it because you didn't think it was good enough? It's been like that for weeks now


After weeks of recording gameplay videos I am finally starting to upload them to youtube. It feels good just putting them out there.


I just bought a copy of Final Fantasy XIV a Realm Reborn, but they didn't include the right registration code. So I can't even launch the game. I am now the proud owner of a $20 disk that does absolutely nothing


I really want the CoD4 Remaster, but I really do not care about the new CoD it comes packaged with. Dilemmas


I got my Kickstarter Backer's copy of Nightcry. I'm going to try and set up a stream for this rough looking game


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