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Giving You Some Words of Encouragement


Now more than ever, real fools will be coming out of the woodwork to tell all of their funny jokes. Everyone thinks they’re funny and having good laughs, but there’s always someone out there who takes it too far and people suddenly get hurt. Very few such people exist thankfully, but you can never be too sure about that. Ever since April Fools Day was popularized on April 1st 1700 many people pull pranks on each other on this very special day. Regardless, the jokes don’t just stay contained within people. Giant corporations like to make funny announcements and ads as well. One such corporation that likes to do funny adverts is good ol’ Google. Now I’m not exactly the “expert” in April Fools pranks or anything, but I do enjoy the fact that people spend the time to make others laugh. Nevertheless, there’s also those that will sarcastically joke about things, and they just kind of fall flat (probably on purpose). April Fools Day is probably the 2nd most joyous holiday after Christmas in my humble little opinion. Gaming is certainly no stranger to April Fools Day jokes. I’ve personally played some games that would update with April Fools content for the day, and then remove it the very next day. Very few games do this from what I know. Everybody’s favorite sandbox game Minecraft is a perfect example of a game with April Fools updates that happen very year. You never know what kind of silly things await you when you login to Minecraft on April 1st. One of the game’s April Fool’s Day jokes was a minigame called “Minescreeper” which required a variety of steps to do before you were allowed to play it. Unfortunately these updates cannot be replayed on just any day of the week. Unless you do some crazy hackerman things and download specific updates and overwrite game files. Perhaps that’s one way to do it, I suppose.

Nobody can go a year without witnessing an April Fools Day prank from someone or something. Everyone experiences it whether they like it or not, and like all things in life you just gotta deal with it. Victory comes from those who successfully fool people. Even the big corporations who announce something big on April 1st and people just laugh it off thinking it’s another prank. Reality hits, it’s April 2nd, and that announcement just happened to be the truth! Game companies have done this in the past. Often game companies will announce a joke, but then months later that joke becomes a reality, so maybe consider it a delayed joke? Nobody takes game industry jokes seriously anyways. Not from companies that love to steal your money to provide you with bad games anyways. At least that’s what I’m lead to believe. Let it be known that some game industry announcements DO in fact come true, albeit rarely. Even the most outrageous announcements like a KFC dating game have turned out to be true, believe it or not. Today’s the day when you can look at those announcements and figure out whether they’re true or not. You can easily doubt every announcement being false, but do try to keep an open mind. One of those announcements may very well be a reality in disguise, but you won’t truly find out until the next couple of days. Unexpected true announcements are probably the greatest pranks to pull on gamers, even I enjoy them. Did you know that April Fools Day games on Steam are a thing as well? One game I remember downloading that was only available for one day was a game called 8-Bit Bayonetta. What would be this year’s 1-day only game on Steam that we’ll get to download? No one knows for sure, but by the time this post gets released, some of us will know.

Never have I met someone who absolutely hated April Fools Day. Everyone either makes jokes in good spirit or haphazardly jokes about things because everyone else is doing it. Very rarely have I ever heard of someone who just despises it whole heartedly because they are such sad individuals who don’t understand the meaning of happiness. Everyone goes through tough times in their lives, but they all come out on top in the end. Regret is something you don’t want to face. Get out there and do the things you love! Only you can stop you from achieving your goals and shooting for your dreams! Now is the time to act! Now is the time to soar! Always do your best and the best will come to you. Run your race and never look back. Under no circumstances should you ever compare yourself to others. Never think that you should try to be like someone else. All that’s going to do is hurt you more in the end because you’re trying to be someone you’re not. Reality will hit you harder than the fantasy you try to create for yourself. Once that happens there’ll be no other option than to learn from your mistakes. Understand that not everyone is perfect. No big name celebrity that everyone swoons over is a perfect human being. Don’t be afraid to do your best and give it your all! Anyone and everyone is rooting for you to achieve your dreams! Never give up, and never surrender! Do your very best and never let failure get the best of you. Determination is the key to success. Everyone will try for success and only those who never give up no matter what will succeed. Seeing you doing your best and not giving up your dreams is all that we ask of you. Everyone is watching. Rooting for you. Take this oppurtunity to strive in the pathway to a successful future. You can do anything your heart desires! Only one person can help you to succeed in life. Undoubtedly, that person is YOU!

Name a better time of the year when if you live further north from the equator, the weather starts to become nicer. Everyone starts to go outside and either exercise or work on their gardens. Vibes are high when the sun shines. Evergreen trees become the most green. Robust hiking trails are ready to be walked on and traversed. God smiling upon all of his children as they laugh and play outside having a joyous time in this universe that we all live in. Okay, maybe I’m being a little too positive for some of you. Nah, you need this positivity! No one should ever have to go through life feeling sad and alone. Almighty God can help heal you of your sins and have you reborn once again. Make no mistake that you’re not reading this on accident. Always keep an open mind and have an open heart towards love and happiness. Keep a smile on your face and see where the success takes you. Ever wonder how other people think of you when you post your opinions on social media? You really shouldn’t, they don’t determine your future. Only your own personal attitude towards others will determine whether people genuinely like you or not. Unless you fake like people, then that’s just plain wrong altogether. Can’t say I’ve ever had people “fake like” me, but who am I kidding, I’d say about 75% of people fake like me, or rather they just tolerate me. Really have no idea what I’m saying to be honest, I’m just typing out words randomly. You understand me, don’t you?

Now let’s get back to the April Fools pranks. Ever wonder what Bloodborne would look like as a PS1 title? Very little is known about the game other than the small clips that have been posted on Twitter. Everyone seems to really enjoy what they’ve seen so far and are looking forward to playing the finished product. Redesigned games like this that go through a “demake” are pretty interesting projects to see as they are literally created from scratch to look like the style for the generation in which the game is being made for. Gamers are going to have a fun time with this game, whether or not its any harder or easier than the original game. Only the developers know of the many trials and tribulations that gamers will have to go through in order to complete this game. Nobody knows yet of the release date. Not even the developers have said anything about how far along the project is, or how close it is to even being finished. All we know is that from the video clips we’ve seen, it’s being made, and it’s looking quite amazing. Saying that this in itself is an April Fools joke is not taking the time to actually research the project being made. Anyone who’s been following the game’s development will tell you that this project has been going on for quite sometime. You can follow the development on Twitter using #BloodbornePSX. Get excited for when this game gets released I’m sure lots of people will be playing it. Or maybe not that many since if it’s not a stand alone exe file and is instead a rom requiring an emulator to play, people will probably be confused and lost as to how to play it. Or if anything I’m overthinking this whole thing and game will just be in forever development until the end of time. Developers are very unpredictable when it comes to game development. Before the internet nobody had any idea about the progress of development for a game until it was officially released. Yet nowadays it feels every gamer has suddenly become a developer and critiquing every little post when it comes to development news, teaser trailers, demos, etc. Early access games are also victims to this popularized mentality.

Never in my life of playing games would I ever live in a time when we could actually make an impact in the games we played before the game was even released. Ever since I was a little kid I never really focused so greatly on the development of future games, and just played the games that were released without any sort of complaints. Very few games that get announced have I ever followed its development over the course of years up to its official release. Even when it comes to things like Kickstarter I’ve only backed 3 games for. Renaine, Amplitude, and Tokyo Dark are the three games which I have backed on Kickstarter so far. Given the fact that only Renaine is the only game in these which has yet to be released it is on Steam that you can check out videos screenshots and even a demo. One thing I liked about the game was the controls were very responsive, the graphics are vibrant and colorful. Not to mention the soundtrack for the game is very jazzy-like, using real life instruments to compose the various music in the game. Not a lot of games get me this hyped for a game that’s barely touched the surface of being in a finished state of development. After visiting the developer’s booth at PAX East every year to check out the progress of the game, it’s going along just smoothly. Time can only tell how long before the final product is released, but I am looking forward to playing this potentially hidden gem of a game. Everyone should check it out, even if its not your cup of tea I think it’ll be a good success. Last thing I want to say is there has been one Kickstarter project that I sort of regret missing out on that I would’ve been happy to back. Looking at the Myst 25th Anniversary Collection got me super hyped for owning all the games in one package. A real physical linking book with an animated LCD display was an item you could receive (along with DVD versions of all 7 Myst games) by pledging $169 or more for the project. Luckily I found the project during its campaign run. I had no money at the time, so started saving up for it. Eventually I somehow forgot all about it and came back to the page finding it had already ended, so I sadly missed out on owning my own physical Myst linking book. And with that being said I shall close out this post. No time was wasted in typing out this post as I’m sure you were very informed and entertained by all the information I have shared with you today. Don’t worry, the information I’ve shared with you is all 100% true (no, seriously, look up some of the facts I’ve stated here). Happy April Fools Day everyone! Under no circumstances will I refuse to join The Council, The Board, or any other high-class organizations. Regardless, I did have fun typing out this blog post for you all. This was probably the most unoriginal prank. You may have caught on to it by now. Or maybe you still don’t see it. Understand that the first letter of every sentence creates an encouraging statement that I hold dearly in my heart.

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