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Being Poor Sucks, but Here are Some Tips


5.Start Sharing With Your Friends
Most likely you have a bunch of friends who have the same system as you, why not trade games with one another? This worked out great when I wanted to play Modern Warfare 2, and my friend wanted to try my copy of Monster Hunter Tri. I got as much Modern Warfare 2 as I could, then gladly returned it back for my copy of Monster Hunter Tri (which I am still playing the hell out of)! This was even before I had gotten my own GameFly account. If your network of friends are not gamers then obviously this will fail.

These are just a few helpful tips that you should keep in mind every month. You might have more money to spend each month than I do, so adjust accordingly. Make sure when you set a goal stick to it so you are getting the most gaming out of your hard earned money.
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