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Aaamaazing!: Rock Band is Just Simply Fun!


My fondest memory of this was my senior year of college. My classmates and I had graduated and one of my good friends was going to have a RockBand party. That only meant beer, beer, liquor, wine, beer, beer, and also beer to the wee hours of the night. I invited my good friend from work to join in that night, who was a notorious partier. Lets just say he got a full taste of the party and got so trashed, and gave us a show. It was hit after hit, of his drunken sweet melody�s. This meant hearing �When You Were Young� and �Won�t Get Fooled Again� over and over again. At this point it would make anyone go insane but at the moment in the party it was no longer about the game, but about his passion singing each song.

Rock Band is simply a game of fun. Rock Band does not push graphical limits, or deliver a great story but it delivers the most fun I have ever had. Cheers to Harmonix for bringing fun back to video games!
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