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Yeah I'm looking forward to the Dead Space remake. Honestly I really like the first one still, so I'm hoping its a good time. And if this goes well, it would be cool to see an expanded and improved Dead Space 2 as well. And then a new DS3 lol.


Happy birthday to the birthday taco and a late birthday to the panda.


Just realized thay NMS had more living frigates available now and also new upgrades for the living ships. So naturally its time for that to consume my life again.


Saw Glass Onion. Pretty good! Its not as good as knives out, but its pretty enjoyable overall.


So yeah, Deep Rock Galactic is good. Well put together, good gameplay loop, amusing comedy lines.


Beat Space Marine, at last. Definitely a rough game with a lotta meh design to it. I can see moments of good and positive elements but overall playing it was a bit of a chore. Still, hoping the sequel manages to do it better, definitely potential.


Yeah that was a solid games awards. Few games I'm definitely interested in for sure.


Mmm. Looks like Mick Gordons released a statement about the whole DOOM Eternal and resulting fallout thing. Imma take it with a grain of salt but I'll link it below if you're curious about what he has to say about it.


I have done the vote. I can only hope things turn out for the best but I'm not holding my breath. Ah well, glad I did it regardless.


Happy birthday to the birthday folk. May it treat you well.


Finally, after waiting ages, I now have cyberpunk 2077. And yeah, so far its good. I'm a sucker for cyberpunk as an aesthetic so its an easy way to get at me but so far this seems like a fun take on it.


Was kindly gifted RE3 by Lawman, and yeah I beat it today-bout 8.6 hours. Overall, it was a solid game but it also felt pretty light and like it was rushing towards the end. Felt more like RE2 DLC than an actual follow up but was a fun ride at least.


Got my final birthday gift this year from me sister-a shiny driftloon desk buddy. Lovely.


After it was generously gifted to me as a birthday gift by lawman, I've been playing Dying Light 2 and yeah its pretty good so far. Just got a new parkour toy, and the second area is just a really fun playground to explore. Have minor gripes but eh.


Tried the Metal Hellsinger demo. And yeah, the music was nice, the gameplays fun, and its got a good visual style. I do think the reloading being more like BPM would be better but eh. Also I don't really like Troy Bakers VA job overmuch here tbh.


Prodeus is out, friends. Rejoice, and embrace the slaughter.


Got a halloween thing to hang on my door and some lightstrips to hang in my window (orange and purple, of course, thanks command strips). Tis the first time I've bothered with much decoration but I think it'll be a nice lil touch for the apartment.


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