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My old 2004 Ford Fiesta was absolutely like this.


Happy birthday InquisitiveRaven, you're one of the real ones.


That's not Jennifer Lawrence that's garlic bread


I have beaten Spanish Sans and stolen his Jewish heritage. I did this by punching him repeatedly and also crying sometimes.


Im playing SMT3 Nocturne and it's pretty lit so far. Current Megidonaldaon.


Not being political but...


It do be like that sometimes


When you're a baka in the streets but a senpai in the sheets


Beat Undertale, Pacifist ending and then True Pacifist. Great game, 8.5/10.


May I present The Siege of Thatcher's Farm, the novel that Straw Dogs is based on. Not read it yet but I don't expect it to be as good as the film.


#BookRecommendationtoid 'Her Smoke Rose Up Forever'. A collection of sci fi short stories by James Tiptree (real name Alice Sheldon). Exceptionally good stories, cannot recommend it enough. Personal favourite: The Girl Who Was Plugged In


Me when it's been 10 years since the fantastic Dredd came out and we still don't have a sequel.


When you are planning to subsume into the internet and transcend humanity to become a digital God but need to throw down first.


Me trying to understand The Silver Case, The 25th Ward, Flower, Sun and Rain and how they all link up. (These games are so good btw, play them)


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