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Waiting for your cohost account to go live be like


Current status https://cohost.org/Gajknight


Me when he doesn't like my lobster


When you nutted but she still going


We did it everyone, we found the answer to war and conflict


Tryna buy something online is a psychological battleground lmao


Wholesome meme for the weekend ❤️


Eagerly awaiting Platypus 2


Gamemaniac when he first got to Zora's domain


Fire flowing harder than the Red sea


Someone needs to go to Canada and beat up Ganondorf smh


Lifting deep in my squat of loathing


The Lord of the Rings (1978) is unwatchable. Ugly, incomprehensible, somehow miscast, and insulting to Tolkien and the greatest fantasy world ever created. But, it does offer a few laughs, especially if your group are Big LOTR Nuts. This scene broke me


The shark was armed and approaching in a threatening manner


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