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GUYS, GET OVER IT! Girls Game. Some Don't.

It is 2011 and I still see frequent blogs and articles of how to get that girlfriend or wife of yours into
video games. Guys want to find ways to coax their girls into a passion for their hobby. Publishers
try to scheme up ways to tap into the female market by infusing more pink sparkles into their
titles. This is a call to all the boys to grow up, and get a handle that women are actually people.
Most humans cannot be defined and figured out so flippantly.

Here are my 4 points.

1. Evidence by Anecdote:
I�m not going to cite statistics, but I will speak from personal experience. I play a lot of games,
and talk about playing games with friends. My circle of gaming friends consists of maybe 10-12
people. And guess what? I would estimate 80% of them are female. I�m talking hard core gamers.
In fact the girls that I talk about games with are way more hard core than almost all of the guys I

On my own podcast most of my guests have been female. This is not some scheme I came up
with to get more men to listen to my show. The more people I meet that are into video games
just so happen to be women.

You don't want to piss off FemShep.

Men, please get a grip on the reality that a large minority of gamers are women, and are not an
anomaly or an immature fantasy fulfilled. Women, please be a healthy part of the gaming
community with intelligence and heart instead of employing cheap methods as a way to get

Can we also just accept the fact that some people do not like video games period? One of those
people might happen to be your girlfriend or wife. If so, do something with her that she will
actually enjoy instead. Take her out to the ballet. Girls like the ballet right?
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