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PSA - Eye Checkups & Extending Your Gaming Life!

So, this isn’t particularly overly video game related, but it can very well be, granted you frequent this site and the community blogs. This is the story of how a routine eye checkup with my Optometrist, turned into next day emergency eye surgery! Now, this is only some advice I’m trying to pass onto the community and such, so you can avoid an ordeal such as mine, but if you guys love video games as much as I do, please heed this advice so you’ll be able to extend your gaming life for as long as possible!

*Also, if you’re too lazy to read my story, the “important” lessons can be found at the bottom of this blog.*

<Insert funny Chinese Pirate name here>

So the important lessons of this story are . . . GET YOUR EYES CHECKED REGULARLY! Go to your Optometrist yearly, and also I should mention, this happened NATURALLY to me. It had nothing to do with looking at a screen too much, or being hit in the head in sports, etc. This happens primarily in NEARSIGHTED people, as your eye changes shape to a more slightly football-like oval-shaped shape, which stretches your retina and cause the detachment/tear. So, if you want to extend your gaming life and PREVENT POSSIBLE PREMANENT VISION LOSS, see your Optometrist for a routine eye checkup. It may set you back ~$100 or so, but it’s a small price to pay, so that you won’t lose vision in your eye and such. The surgery I got was called a “scleral buckle,” which they basically cut into you eye, and use a “sponge” to push the retina back into place and fix the tear in it. Hopefully you guys and girls go to get your eyes checked, to make sure they’re all healthy and such, and hopefully you won’t have to endure a week or pure boredom and such as I have, but if you do, you know it’ll be better for you in the long run, and you’ll extend your gaming careers by a fair margin! [i]
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