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Took a long walk through the nearby parks and did a little shopping today. It was windy as all hell but nice and sunny otherwise.


Been reading Home Sick Pilots recently. It's sort of punk rock power rangers fueled by youth and vengeful ghosts and I really dig it. Plus the covers are stunning.


This is just where my brain resides now.


I thought about trying the new FromSoft game but I don't know if I'd stick with it all that long. It'd be nothing more than an Elden Fling.


Self-reflection is the greatest catastrophe of humanity, a sisyphean climb to a potential we believe we need instead of loving the person we already are....my top 3 games of 2021 are #3 Guilty Gear Strive, #2 FFXIV, #1 Rainbow 6 Siege.


On the flip side been working on some bloodletters. Love me some angry demon boys.


Fug. I might have developed a slight addiction to Loop Hero.


Recently finished a Grey Knights squad I've been working on for a bit.


Torch is a good boy deserving of respect.


Torch.....Toooorch.....fucking Torch.....he knows what he did.....


Happy Birthday Chris! Here's hoping you get to just relax today and play some games. (Artist is laylaet on instagram)


Happy Halloween errybody. Hope the weekend is treatin' ya right. Now to go sacrifice some survivors.


The reversible cover for the standard edition of No More Heroes 3 is pretty damn great.


Uuugh, Bong's excellent Mr Handy makes me want to get back into these guys. Got a box of the super mutants from the Wasteland Warfare game.


Just finished up a Grey Knight Terminator I've had lying around for a while.


Finished the base members of the BPRD. Time now for so many frogs.


It's 2 am and you're stumbling home after a night of celebrating Heston's birthday. What guilty pleasure do you scarf down on your way back?


Recently played through Operation Tango with Torch. It was a fun and inventive cooperative puzzle game but at 6 missions it was incredibly short. Highly recommend it if you can find it on sale and have someone else to play with.


Recently picked up the Hellboy boardgame and decided to start with the big red boy himself. Been a bit since I painted anything but I think he turned out okay.


Demo for Death Trash is out on Steam. Big early fallout vibes with real-time combat in a weird sci-fi world and a major body horror aesthetic. Also lubricated a machine with my own fluids so I could open a door. 10/10.


Never knew I wanted a Metal Slug turn based tactics game before today but here we are.


Prins and I played a few more scenarios in Gloomhaven with our friend tonight. In the last dungeon I stepped on a trap to disarm it, almost dying in the process, so Prins wouldn't have to get injured grabbing the last treasure chest. I'm a good rogue.


I don't know if it's already been posted, sorry if it has, but my favorite fight scene is this one from The Protector. The fact that this whole scene is just one long shot still amazes me.


I nominate Soulbow. Behind that Gfuel encrusted exterior is a genuinely kind and interesting person. He's down to earth and easy to talk to and was the first person I really got to know on the site. #PositivityForward.


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