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I only had time to play 10 minutes of Oddworld - New and Tasty the other day, but I was immediately hit with a rush of nostalgia, accompanied with a huge grin on my face. I hope the whole game is a faithful reproduction of the original.


Oh no I fell into the Project Diva hole.. and I don't wanna climb out! Buying the full geimu soon.


Sometimes I feel like I'd be content doing absolutely nothing but laying down and listening to music for the rest of my life.


I'm (finally) selling my sealed NTSC copy of FF Tactics PS1, take a look here if interested, mateys: http://www.ebay.nl/itm/253045128655


@JedWhitaker Give Mushi-shi a try. I don't have a fancy sales pitch for you but it's pretty unique and entirely relaxing to watch.


Watching Japanese boobie cartoons on my Vita is pretty great. Colorful anime really makes the OLED screen shine.


Mr. Niero, it seems impossible to comment on a few of the Quickposts, the Disqus-plugin just doesn't show up. This makes me sad. :'(


Kameo is pretty fun. Clunky fun but fun nonetheless. Finally giving it a spin after all these years. Great music, too.


"Hurt a little, move a little, turn a little, break a little, lose a little" Ah, the Beck-levels in Sound Shapes are great. A shame though, it makes the rest of the game somewhat mundane in comparison.


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