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I'm now genuinely disappointed that I've already killed Malenia on my current Elden Ring playthrough, because I really want to try this fuckery lmao.


Sooooooo... posting screenshots in comments because late-game equipment, but I got the Platinum trophy in Elden Ring. It took under 62 hours.


Thank you for the birthday well-wishes! Was honestly a pretty low-key day, thankfully. But did watch anime with someone and drink all of the tea, which was nice.


So yeah. Guess I beat Elden Ring. Gonna get the legendary ashes, spells/incantations, and weapons (save for one that I missed out on, that I'll rush in NG+) then I've got the Platinum. Currently at 56 hours of play time, which isn't toooo bad I guess.


So anyway, I'll happily sell someone a receipt for one of my pairs of Doc Martens. Now, I'll still wear the shoes, and they'll still be in my possession, but you can own a copy of the receipt! That's the same as owning a product, right? Riiiiight?


"And with that, she was neither seen nor heard from again."


Decided to sell both my launch Switch and my Lite to pick up an OLED. I appreciate how many small, subtle improvements there are. Like a very slightly recessed screen and softer rails in the dock, likely to prevent the OG Switch's scratching issue.


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