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Yazzie (2019) on ZX Spectrum (and later at least MSX) is a well-liked puzzle 'platformer' (cannot jump, collect all treasure).


Orion Prime (2009) is said to be an excellent adventure game on Amstrad CPC. Warning: there are rapid flickering colours in the video. (Actual gameplay video is in the comments.)


Mutants from the Deep (Locomalito/Gryzor87, 2021) is a multidirectional shmup for MSX. MSXblog's reader poll rated it the second-best MSX game of 2021.


Castlevania Spectral Interlude (2015) on ZX Spectrum is a Metroidvania, and more and better than what Simon's Quest was. And reportedly also very hard. What began as a SQ demake became a new game in its own right. No horrible nights to have a curse either


The Shadows of Sergoth (2018) is a very impressive dungeon crawler (less Diablo, more Eye of the Beholder) for Amstrad CPC (and later Amiga).


Somehow, I managed to finish another blog. This time it's about "recent" games ported to 8-bit systems without losing much of the original in the process. Video: A review of Locomalito's L'Abbaye des Morts (2010) ported to C64.


The Cure (XL2S, 2005) on MSX1 draws heavily on Vampire Killer (the MSX Castlevania) for inspiration. Winner of MSXdev'05. A 17-year-old game for a then-22-year-old platform.


The Fall of Prometheus (Mystery Labs, 2021) is an MSX top-down puzzler that brings Eggerland Mystery (HAL Laboratory, 1985) to my mind...


Fred the Needle (2017) on BBC Micro probably looks a bit familiar if you know Kuru Kuru Kururin.


Tina's Adventure Island (Imanok, 2017) is a take on Adventure Island on MSX. The scrolling is choppy unless run on (I think) MSX2+ or tR, but it even on MSX1 it looks better than Wonder Boy on SG-1000.


I am become Grinch, spoiler of sport.


You get no points if you guess what the inspiration for Organism (2018) on C64 is.


Monstro Giganto (Pirates of Zanzibar/RGCD, 2021) is a fighting game between monsters. The graphics are made with "PETSCII" art and I understand the actual ROM cartridge size of this game is pretty big.


Inq & Suq vs Nightmare (GW's Workshop, 2018) on MSX is a horizontal-scrolling shmup, where two demons eat humans' nightmares. Or something?


I suppose this is for me the first time when avoiding something that sounds too good to be true means avoiding a game.


A YT documentary by Kim Justice on Core Design, and it's over 2 hours long? Thank you very much.


Tried baking earlier this week. This was too big and asymmetric. Just the regular cinnamon roll dough & filling, but shaped differently.


El Tesoro Perdido de Cuauhtemoc (4MHz, 2017) is a mouthful, but reportedly a great game akin to Rick Dangerous for Amstrad CPC.


The Shadow over Hawksmill (ICON 64/Psytronik, 2020?) is a horror-themed action adventure for the C64.


Sometimes I envy people getting such ideas.


Sword of Ianna (2017) for MSX2 (video's version), ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC got great scores in 8-Bit Annual 2018, and it does sound and look good.


Dead Space (2017) on ZX Spectrum is, of course, massively reduced of the original. No guns, no enemy AI, too much light.


The Bear Essentials (2016) on C64 is as it looks: cute, albeit simple, platformer about a bear collecting apples.


Today's retro game: Baba's Palace (2017) that won #CPCRetroDev2017. The design is credited to Yutaka Isokawa, whose design's BASIC source code for Sharp MZ-700 was published in 1985. (You may know this gameplay as that of Catrap on Gameboy.)


Arcade Daze (ICON 64/Psytronik, 2021) on C64 sounds a bit like some game that came out on modern platforms recently. Collect coins, exchange them for tokens, play different arcade game levels.


Travel through Time vol. 1: Northern Lights (2021) on 128K ZX Spectrum looks far more impressive than the racing games I played on my 8-bit as a kid.


Briley Witch Chronicles (2021) is a "Japanese-inspired" RPG for the C64. I don't know how many others of this type there have ever been on C64...


That's Mini Rogue cleared for the first time, and in a co-op.


Status: listening to 1998's pop.


Since people are posting GW-y stuff, I'll join in. If a clean house is a sign of life wasted, then what is a boardgame in "like new" condition? (One in picture is far from it.)


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